eProseed Migrates Al Rajhi Bank’s DB Systems to Oracle Exadata

In January 2016, Al Rajhi Bank (ARB), one of the biggest money related establishments in Saudi Arabia and the Center East, took the key choice to redeploy its pool of Prophet databases on the Prophet Exadata Built Frameworks stage. ARB has chosen eProseed to help execute this yearning venture. Today the Bank profits by enhanced applications execution with lower operational cost, while accomplishing better client efficiency and more grounded IT versatility.

Generously enhanced execution

The principle objective of this union was to fundamentally enhance the general execution of the Bank’s business applications. “We have lessened our preparing times by a normal of 60%,” says Abdullah Ali Alkhalifa, CFO, Al Rajhi Bank. “Furthermore, our documents handling for Prophet Financials Bookkeeping Center has turned out to be significantly more effective, we can now prepare various source framework records in parallel without influencing different ebusiness modules, and all handling limitations have been evacuated,” he includes. Because of its criticality and size (+50TB), the prime recipient of the relocation is the center business database.

A solid responsibility to achievement

eProseed’s outcome driven responsibility was a major fixing in ARB’s basic leadership prepare. “This has converted into a settled value proficient administrations engagement which incorporates ensures both on the movement due dates and on the subsequent execution changes,” underlines Geoffroy de Lamalle, CEO, eProseed. “As a supplement of the relocation extend,” he proceeds with, “we have offered ARB our eProseed Attendant Service, an aggregate care benefit through which we furnish the Save money with a completely oversaw benefit for their new Exadata stage, including all the database cases running on It.”

Expanding the strength of the information layer

A key segment of the Bank’s drive was the combination of database operations on a solitary specialized stage. To this end, Prophet Exadata database machines were conveyed, in the fundamental datacenter and in an auxiliary site for Fiasco Recuperation purposes. Database replication between the datacenters builds the strength and the accessibility of the information layer since the decision of a solitary stage encourages the usage of the reinforcement and recuperation technique. Future undertakings will likewise profit by the new design.

Prophet Dynamic Information Monitor was utilized to guarantee continuous information security. “The change from a SAN replication-based DR answer for Prophet Dynamic Information Monitor has disposed of the high cost of sit still excess by permitting announcing applications, specially appointed inquiries, and information concentrates to be offloaded to peruse just duplicates of the creation,” avows Mohammed S. Solaiman, Official Chief Prophet Specialized Support, Al Rajhi Bank.

Overseeing numerous databases as one

Notwithstanding enhanced execution and accessibility, having every one of the databases fully informed regarding the latest form on an extraordinarily designed stage gives new elements while lessening authorizing expenses and arranging for considerable figuring and capacity assets. This likewise converts into expanded client profitability, helping the Bank work all the more proficiently as its representatives turn out to be more beneficial.

Along these lines, for instance, one of the advantages of the relocation to Prophet Database 12c is the chance to exploit another choice called Prophet Multitenant. This empowers streamlined solidification that requires no progressions to existing applications. “With this new engineering, a multitenant holder database can hold numerous pluggable databases, permitting overseers to oversee and control a rising number of databases as one, yet holding the detachment and asset prioritization of discrete databases,” clarifies Rui Sousa, eProseed’s Conveyance Director responsible for the relocation extend at Al Rajhi Bank.

The new stage will permit ARB to offer better SLAs to its interior clients, lessen an opportunity to advertise for new applications and administrations, and increment its capacity to react quickly and adaptably to changing economic situations.

About Al Rajhi Bank

Established in 1957, Al Rajhi Bank is one of the overall pioneers in Sharia consistent saving money with operations in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Kuwait and Jordan. The Bank is headquartered in Saudi Arabia and has more than 500 branches and the biggest client base and ATM arrange in the nation.

About eProseed

eProseed is an ICT administrations supplier and a product distributer. Regarded with 8 Prophet Pro Executives and 14 Prophet Incredibleness Grants over the most recent 7 years, eProseed is a Prophet Platinum Join forces with inside and out mastery in Prophet Database, Prophet Combination Middleware and Prophet Designed Frameworks. eProseed is likewise the distributer of FSIP, a complete money related supervision arrangement committed to National Banks, Budgetary Controllers and Supervisory Specialists.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, eProseed has workplaces in Beirut (LB), Brussels (BE), Dubai (AE), London (UK), New York (USA), Porto (PT), Riyadh (SAU), Sydney (AU), and Utrecht (NL).

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