Dunmore Haddington Has Added 3 New Crypto Currencies

The market is growing exponentially and more and more clients are taking a liking to it


Dunmore Haddington, a forward-looking organization that provides customers with high-quality investment strategies, the hottest market knowledge and commodity trading and commodity trading related services today announced that the company continues to foray into cryptocurrencies for its customers and adds new instruments KCHUSD, TSHUSD, ETCUSD, PRKUSD, which are available for trading through popular trading platforms. The trading conditions for the freshly added digital currencies would remain the same as previously mentioned for ETCUSD and BTCUSD pairs. The leverage applicable for these instruments has been fixed at 1:8.

The new instruments will enable traders to diversify their trading portfolio. In the year 2017, altcoins showed tremendous growth and gained a lot of attention from the traders including our clients. The prices of Litecoin and Dash rose by more than 40 times in the past year. The market capitalization of Ripple nearly tripled in a year.

Bitcoin cash was introduced last winter and it is being traded at a price level higher than 1,200 dollars. These numbers along with the development of cryptocurrency market were the reason why Dunmore Haddington decided to introduce the crypto instruments.

Wang Fang, the Chief Investment Officer of Dunmore Haddington stated that this innovative technology will help them keep up with time and also enable them to provide a quality access to different trading instruments. She stated that the current condition proves that a lot of their clients are trading in cryptocurrencies and they also see a high potential in this segment. The attractiveness of this market can be credited to its volatility. The market is growing exponentially and more and more clients are taking a liking to it. To meet this demand, Dunmore Haddington is gradually implementing the new system.

Dunmore Haddington previously enabled its clients to trade in two of the most popular cryptocurrencies present in the market at that time, Ethereum and Bitcoin.


About Dunmore Haddington

Dunmore Haddington is a Pan-Asian commodity trading and services company founded in Shanghai that creates new opportunities in every market it enters. It combines trading expertise, intelligent data and unparalleled Asian-wide market access, and provides customers with commodity trading and commodity trading related services such as asset management, consumption management, balancing and risk management, often via customer-tailored products. Dunmore Haddington is specialized in providing advice on arbitrage of price advantages and offers a variety of market information services, news research and aggregated data services. Dunmore Haddington provides alternative Debt Capital Market solutions such as Project Finance and Private Placements.

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