Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Distinguished Professionals in Their Field to Represent Monthly Magazine

Ladies of Qualification is a month to month magazine production committed to those that have shown administration in their regarded fields. The accompanying is a rundown of experts that have been chosen for the current week in view of their expert accomplishments.

Ladies of Distinction: Industry: State:

Jacquelin Smith Childcare TX

Maryanne Arnow Transportation MD

Elyse Marks Software NY

Vimala Rodgers Author CA

Dawna Stone Real Estate FL

Glenda Battle Real Estate VA

Erica S. Easter Electrical Manufacturing CO

Sherri L. Wasson Healing CA

Sharese Balar Religion GA

Stephanie Williford Therapeutic Accrediation GA

Cody Furlow Healthcare TN

JoAnn Petrizzo Real Estate NJ

Jacqueline Thomas Non-profit VA

Kelli Williams Finance NC

Regina Laramie Virtual Assistant OK

Dorothy Cline Non-Profit CA

Jeannine Clark Mental Health CA

Kelli Williams Finance NC

Dr. Bessie Cristwell Education FL

Ruth Histon Education NJ

Annie Ko Food Service MA

Paula McMahon Healthcare CA

Jacqueline Wilson Culinary FL

Alberta Marshall-Moore Wellness IL

Madelyn Blair Consulting MD

Roni Sokol Law OH

Deborah Levine Publishing TN

Carrie Meyer Energy Healing CA

Kristie Strasen Textiles NY

Mindy Henk Distribution TX

Cindy Bonick Real Estate CA

Katie Galanes Legal IL

Mandy Jones Non-Profit OR

Marie Antoinette Jean Pierre Non-Profit FL

Karla McGuire Healthcare SC

Judith Welch Federal Services VA

Addrienne Risby Lovingood Art IL

Safina Sadruddin Insurance TX

Beverly Dotson Healthcare MO

Chrissy Cook Healthcare AZ

Jessica Cohen Real Estate NY

Lori Howell Thompson Writing CA

Stacey Tucker Virtual Administration OH

Gloria Miller Healthcare FL

Rose Smith Business Services NY

Mary Lundquist Independent Contractor MI

Dr. Julissa Justiniano Ayala Healthcare FL

Starla Snead Calligraphy and Engraving IL

Paula Villabonna Architect FL

Anne Sullivan Music PA

About Ladies of Qualification Magazine:

Ladies of Qualification Magazine endeavors to consistently bring the absolute best out in every article distributed and highlight Ladies of Refinement. Ladies of Refinement Magazine’s central goal is to have a stage where ladies can develop, motivate, enable, instruct and empower experts from any industry by sharing stories of boldness and achievement.


Ladies of Refinement Magazine, Melville, NY

631-465-9024 pressreleases@womenofdistinction.net

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