What Services Does Parkway Display Company Provide?

In the event that you are searching for great presentations for your purpose of offer, then Expressway Show is your one stop look for numerous types and plans of purpose of offer showcases you requirement for your store. We guarantee that our clients get the best things at the extremely focused costs in the business.

Road Show Items Restricted was set up in 2008 as a cerebrum offspring of a creative industrialist. The organization which is situated in China’s Shenzhen district assembles a group of the most capable, innovative, committed and proficient group of fashioners to guarantee every one of our clients get luxurious quality items. Our production line premises is sufficiently colossal to handle plan, creation, fabricating, bundling, stockpiling and stacking all under one rooftop because of the 3,600 square meter office. The organization has more than 32 unique arrangements of creation hardware and apparatus including innovative laser etchers, cutting machines, consistent temperature stoves, precious stone cleaning machines and so on. Our representatives function as a gathering of devoted and spurred people, ready to convey your fantasies to reality with specially crafted acrylic show stands and retires.

What we accept.

Turnpike show trusts in developing your enterprice through associations to supply the most ideal top of the line, high tasteful quality acrylic shows that will suit the setting of your store and business needs. We have faith in development and out of the crate thinking since we understand each retail location is distinctive and novel. Our own is a mentality of a consistency, a persistent forward, industriousness and trustworthiness. We give careful consideration to detail and have an exhaustive quality affirmation standard that leaves nothing to risk.

Our items.

At Turnpike show, we have a broad item extend with regards to our claim to fame in the outline and fabricate of acrylic presentations. Our item range is regularly creating. It incorporates; POP Shows, Purpose of Offer Showcases, Retail Shows, Stands, Show Racks, Store Apparatuses, and that’s just the beginning.

We can specially design any show or holding items that our clients require. We likewise help in plan of holders and showcases.

Our customer base.

Expressway Presentations is an organization of worldwide standing and notoriety. Our elevated requirements of value have seen us work with major worldwide partnerships including; Breitling watch producers, Philips, Coca-Cola, Sanyo, Samsung, the Assembled Countries and some more. We send out quality items to different countries including; Joined States, Germany, Joined Kingdom, Jakarta, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, France,Singapore, Ireland,Japan, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Dubai and other local and global markets.

Our item range is reasonable for use in markets, retail locations, show shopping centers, doctor’s facilities, lodgings, eateries, banks, hairstyling parlors and excellence parlors, schools and homes.

Since we are an immediate material outsourcing association, we have all it grasps to handle mass requests no sweat without anytime bargaining on the nature of the items. For hand crafted items, we may oblige you to send us the measurements you requirement for the items, the plan and the hues you need them in.

WHY Utilize Items FROM Turnpike Show?

Our items will enhance your business. A business is about a wonderful client encounter. We empower you to accomplish that by concocting popular and contemporary plans that will guarantee that clients have an unmatched positive ordeal when they are in your business premises.

We offer an incentive for cash. Our items keep up global benchmarks with regards to quality.

Solidness. Whether you plan to utilize our acrylic show items for inner or outer purposes, strength is an assurance. We utilize just quality material and elevated expectations of assembling techniques to guarantee each item leaving our plant is solid and sturdy.

Encounter. We have near 10 years’ involvement in acrylic show fabricating. We are devoted to research, advancement and limit working to guarantee that our items are continually making strides.

Does your business, association or home need Purpose of Offer stands, thing holders, coordinators or desktop adornments, areyou searching for an incentive for your cash? Converse with our client mind delegates today and get the best items at the friendliest costs anyplace on the planet. Gets in touch with us by means of telephone, email or fax on; Email: info@parkwaydisplay.com

Telephone: +86-755-2342 5065

Fax: +86-755-2324 6119


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