Vigorous Urban Oil Paintings from an Artist with an Intimate Relationship with the City Street

A show of Leanne Christie’s vast urban artistic creations will keep running from the 6 June 2015 until the 3 July 2015 at the Viridian Display, Coal Harbor, Vancouver. Christie is an extraordinary craftsman, her streetscapes are totally gotten from her day by day bike drive from the creating Coquitlam to her studio in Vancouver’s strongly urban Downtown Eastside. It is this private familiarity with the fluctuating plan of the fabricated environment, the momentary correspondence between the road’s members and the energizing appearances of the normal individual’s open life that advise Christie’s works.

Christie’s artistic creations have turned out to be effortlessly recognized through their vivacious brushstrokes and capable utilization of white which shape the establishments around which her works are constructed. “Stamp making of Open Life” display will incorporate the accompanying vast works:

“Freeflow” Oil on canvas. 60″ x 72″

A unique oil catching the minute one rises up out of the Cassiar Burrow only south of Hastings road, Vancouver. Interstate 1 traverses the width of the nation and Christie catches this solitary snapshot of it’s history with brushstrokes bound with development and in a medium which was generally held for subjects of incredible significance.

“The Bridge” Oil on canvas. 60″x 72″

This perplexing painting exhibits Christie’s dominance of her medium as she urges the paint to build up an intriguing surface in the expansive dull regions of open street. Our point of view of a zone which has been intended to serve all street clients is upgraded by the way that we remain at the pinnacle of the a component whose sole reason for existing is to go about as conductor for people on foot and cyclists.

Christie’s presentation touches base at an immaculate minute as Metro Vancouver’s Bicycle to work week attracts to a nearby. 5886 new cyclists were presented to an outlook change when they felt the imperativeness of the urban areas urban systems as they shared in the week nearby the 27000 other cycling workers. As discussions increment around the benefits and the manageability of urbanization and densification, Christie’s artworks will end up being topical impressions of our urban citizenry.

Leanne Christie has practical experience in oil painting and has been a committed full time painter since 2008. Christie was instructed at the compelling workmanship school at Rhodes College, South Africa and has been interested by the social life that a city empowers and denies through the deliberate plan and organized utilization of her boulevards.

Greetings Res Pictures for Print are accessible from the Craftsman

A portion of the canvases incorporated into this presentation “Stamp making of Open life”, were at first imagined for the February 2015 Celebration du Bois display “Theater de la compete publique”. The show was joined by a site which will give more prominent knowledge into the psyche of the craftsman.

Committed site:

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