UNSHAKABLE: Kai A. Pineda’s First Single ‘To You Who Are Faithful’ From Sophomore Contemporary Christian Music Album Number One on Christian Radio Chart

Kai A. Pineda’s new Contemporary Christian Music collection “Unshakeable” a veritable accumulation of unique acclaim and religious tunes is as of now shaking up the diagrams. The primary single, “To You Who Are Loyal” is number one on the Christian Radio Graph in the main week. It is set to be discharged September 23rd only by The Source on MeTooMusic.com. A takeoff from her breakout make a big appearance collection “Puzzled”, a live gospel recording, “Resolute” is a Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) studio advertising. Pineda clarifies her motivation for composing the collection, “From start to finish the tunes are about being steadfast in our Christian walk. This collection is to lead the audience into an air where they experience God. Every tune has been penned with tunes all can sing.” The collection will be discharged October seventh.

About the Collection: “Unwavering” depends on Jews 12:28, 29 where devotees are called to be a part of an unshakeable kingdom. Collection Credits: Maker, Levi “As well” Ruler; Lyricists, Kai A. Pineda, Tracks 2 – 13; Levi “As well” Lord, Track 1, 3 and 7. Track list: 1) Introduction, 2) Our Extraordinary God, 3) Lovely You Are, 4) The Way, 5) The Way (repeat), 6) Totally Open, 7) The length of I Have You, 8) To You Who Are Steadfast, 9) I Won’t Be Shaken (introduction), 10) I Won’t Be Shaken, 11) I Am Demolished (introduction), 12) I Am Destroyed, 13) The Ruler’s Supplication. Artists: Robert “Ransack” Woodie, Drums; Alvin Quinn, Bass; Shana Tucker, Cello; Levi “As well” Lord, every single other instrument; Kai A. Pineda all vocals. Pineda gives understanding on how the collection was organized, “We chose to record this collection cantata style since it recounts a story beginning from the introduction proclaiming our God is extraordinary to the end with The Master’s Petition.” Visit stops incorporate the place where she grew up Oakland, Los Angeles, Dallas, St. Louis, Washington (Indiana), Nashville, and DC, with more urban areas to be included.

About Kai: A power house multi-hyphenate spouse, minister, revere pioneer, and author she is not customary, traditional, or denominationally determined. She is legitimately deliberate about knowing God for herself and imparting to others reality of His Pledge. She went to Book of scriptures School and started working in services to carry individuals into association with Jesus. He has conveyed her to spots she could just have longed for.

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