Twinword-generated Writing Tutor Service Based on the Big Database of Association Words

As voice acknowledgment has been utilized as a capacity in advanced mobile phones, “regular dialect” is getting increasingly consideration. To have the capacity to perceive and handle whatever words individuals say, a gadget needs a tremendous database. Among the expansive pool of dialect databases, Twinword has focused on “affiliation words.”

Twinword has been examining what words individuals concoct in connection to a specific word and gathering information with respect to this. As of not long ago, through a worldwide English level test, they have been building a database of affiliation words. This enormous information in the dialect field can be consolidated with different administrations and as a piece of this Twinword is planning for mental tests and composing apparatuses through affiliation words.

Anybody can compose however it is difficult to have great composition abilities. To be a decent essayist, it is important to have a specific level of vocabulary and foundation information. In any case, these aptitudes are not effortlessly learned. Twinword is building up a “composition coach” benefit with which clients can get a moment reference while they are composing. Clients can in a split second advantage from the gigantic database of affiliation words that Twinword has been aggregating and expand their vocabulary.

The President of Twinword, Kono Kim intends to open a Programming interface of the preparing innovation utilized for the enormous information utilization of affiliation words and produce a collaboration impact in many fields, for example, learning, promoting and working environment, and so on. The enormous information use of the words individuals consider when they hear a specific word can be used in various fields; streamlining internet searchers, showcasing, mental testing, voice administrations and so on.

The demo of Twinword’s affiliation word information can be experienced through their site at

Twinword gathers how individuals relate ideas at the top of the priority list through vocabulary capacity test, inventive capacity test, and mental testing. Twinword gives more important substance and pattern disclosure in light of these test investigations. Items depend on its licensed innovation of gathering a gigantic database that comprehends, composes and separates genuine learning from sites and data storehouses in a way that copies characteristic human thought.

Database and Programming interface of word affiliations (“Word Chart”) is as of now being used by key accomplices in business, web based business and progressively that try to go past basic catchphrase scans for more powerful and significant data recovery. Twinword is searching for business specialists or accomplices who need to add the usefulness or to assemble new exceptional applications using their Programming interface.

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