Transport Designer Johan Neerman Announces Intention to Revolutionize the World of Mobility. First Vehicle for Woman, Kids and Environmentalist Produced and Assembled in US

Johan Neerman dealt with the venture since 2010. In August, his settled outline will be accessible at So far Johanson3 SA Organization presented to open simply auxiliary models, the most recent plans are exceptionally cutting-edge and utilitarian.

Johan Neerman, one of the best transport architects in Europe, is satisfied to report his goal to reform the expression of individual versatility. Starting in August 2014, Neerman arrangements to convey his condition of craftsmanship vehicle to a chose crowdfunding effort.

Johan Neerman, acclaimed for his most imaginative transport frameworks in Europe, had his work emerged in a portion of the European’s most illustrative urban communities, for example, Marseille, Grenoble, Strasbourg, Brussels, Dublin, Tignes, Lyons, Nantes, Paris, Porto, and so on. Also, Neerman is presently changing absolutely the view of individual versatility.

The eventual fate of portability is eco-accommodating and a genuine contrasting option to autos at a small amount of the cost empowering the voyager to drive on short to mid-extend removes on an adaptable, fun and stable versatility stage that will have enough payload ability to convey up to 600 Pounds. 5 unique models have been made permitting you to pick the one that is bound to you.

The Johanson3 arrangement permits individuals to have any kind of effect for the Planet by bringing down the CO2 emanations on an individual basis.Johanson3 brand will be created and named in USA.

The very altered edge ensures your interest in time and can adjust to power innovation development and your needs and desires through time. The Johanson3 idea is composed from age 6 to 77 years of age. “There is no reason for attempting to offer you a plane without wings and abandon you immobilized in movement.” His answer is giving you a one of a kind, proficient, fun and dependable way to deal with versatility.

The most grounded variant will permit you to put 3 grown-ups and 2 kids on the casing with various accomplices to look over. The J3 arrangement have 5 distinct models to look over. The framework is foldable and dismountable with various assistants to look over. The casing is measured and adaptable and will take after mechanical development as far as impetus. The vehicle can be furnished with a sun powered rooftop or coordinate a payload of 660 Pounds. Dissimilar to numerous different frameworks The J3 is ergonomically planned and will permit ladies to drive the vehicle with skirts or dresses. The J3 is outlined like an origami and will unfurl and take after your needs whatever your goal our requirements in versatility.

Johan Neerman is anticipating give early adopters and supporters the chance to have any kind of effect in individual versatility. His plan of action gives likewise the chance to begin a business with Johanson3.

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About Johan Neerman:

Johan Neerman, situated in Belgium, has broad involvement in transport outline. He began his transportation vocation inside the privately-run company: Since 1999 he made 3 organizations concentrating on transport frameworks. The extraordinary way to deal with versatility underlines his methodological quality in tending to multifaceted nature through one of a kind theoretical devices concentrating on ergonomics and framework considering. The interface man-machine is at the epicenter of his interesting outlines:

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