Time Travel Romance Writer Maxine Mansfield, Author Of ‘Time For A Highlander’, Is Finalist In ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’ Book Awards

Maxine Mansfield was picked as a finalist in the ’50 Awesome Journalists You Ought to Peruse’ Book Grants Challenge. Mansfield’s ‘The ideal opportunity for a Highlander is a connecting with time travel romance book set in the setting of 1643 Scotland. Mansfield was picked as a finalist from a field of many creators by open vote.

“I composed Time for a Highlander since I accept there are times throughout everybody’s life when they’d love to have the possibility for a do-more than, another begin, or even a superior closure of their Cheerfully Ever-After,” Mansfield expressed. “It’ s my trust that, for a little time in any case, this story hauls you ideal out of your everyday life and into what could’ve, should’ve, might’ve been.”

In the storyline of the book, forty-five-year-old history instructor Bethany Anne Anderson should kick the bucket on her fantasy excursion to Scotland. Another person should safeguard the tyke from the falling druid stone. Be that as it may, she’s consummately fine with proceeding onward to the great beyond. She has friends and family sitting tight for her. At that point Tobias Morie, otherwise called Destiny, ventures in. Her intercession has changed what’s to come. Before she can proceed onward, she should first help him amend one of his own slip-ups. That is fine until she awakens in 1643 in the group of twenty-year-old Woman Elspeth Frasier. More awful, she’s locked in to the extremely good looking, exceptionally youthful, exceptionally virile Quinton MacLeod. However, that is not all Destiny requests. She should give the Good country laird the beneficiary he’d initially been denied.

Quinton MacLeod adored once. He won’t do it once more, regardless of the possibility that he had time for such rubbish. With the Good country lairds separated between faithfulness to their darling nation and the English ruler, he looks for just peace- – in his keep and in his heart. Be that as it may, brought up in Britain and a ward of the foe, his excellent new spouse has abnormal ideas of training and cleanliness that cause disarray inside both. There’s likewise the matter of her extremely unlady-like perspectives on the marriage bed, which, then again, he’s glad to neglect. On the off chance that no one but he could put stock in her. Maxine Mansfield: Sentimental fiction for all your joyfully ever-afters.

Maxine’s works have gotten rave surveys from perusers. One Amazon audit stated, “Quinton is the ideal alpha legend.” Another commentator called the book the “best time-travel sentiment I’ve perused as of late”.

Maxine Mansfield is a productive essayist. Different books incorporate “Tried by the Night, “Subdued by the Fire”, Taken by the Energy”, “Touched by the Enchantment” and “Enticed by the Tempest”.

Individuals from people in general who need to vote in favor of Maxine in the ’50 Awesome Journalists You Ought to Peruse’ Book Honors can get to her entrance and vote at The Writers Demonstrate site at http://www.TheAuthorsShow.com. Maxine Mansfield is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data beneath, or by email at maxine-mansfield@hotmail.com. ‘Time For A Highlander’ is accessible at online retail book outlets. More data is accessible at her site at http://www.maxinemansfield.com.

Maxine Mansfield composes dream, suggestive sentiments, and fables for adults. She lives in the far northern condition of Gold country where the late spring days are long and the winter evenings much more.

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