The Robes Unveils 2017 Young Girls Collection

The Robes discloses the new lines that will be exhibited at the Abu Dhabi 2017 Lady of the hour Show. Reporting its shading blend for its first historically speaking Junior accumulations which is presented in January 2017 amid the huge and authority design occasion in the Assembled Middle Easterner Emirates, The Robes Junior Paint, as it is named by TR mark masters, is made of 6 distinctive blend of hues in the state of arbitrary paint print, the hues are painstakingly picked and chosen from more than 5000 thousands filtered pictures from every single diverse wellspring of inventively made pictures. The SIX Blend of hues for The Robes Junior Paint are purple, fuchsia, maroon, rose, red, and denim.

The SIX Blend of The Robes is said to be typical “without bounds era” as depicted by marking pros as the blend of freshness, and totality of future learning, that is the means by which the “future era” is portrayed by The Robes Junior marking authorities. “They are entirely unexpected than us in our initial ages, since they have immediate and nonstop access to information which upgrades and sets the new personalities of the adolescents,” said Noura AJ, The Robes President.

The Robes, a joint brand between Italian mold originators and UAE Form speculators, opens its first Design House in Abu Dhabi – Khalifa City, in which the robes presents its six lines of form items under its image “The Robes” that incorporates Six stripes to mirror the six lines and SIX Blend too. The six lines are Prepared To Wear, Abayas, Junior Design, Beauty care products, Packs, and Gems.

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