Tanco Bale Shear Video – 800-733-0275 in USA

Incredible Video of Tanco Bundle Shear – 800-733-0275 – Tanco I70 & I73 Parcel Shear

Hamilton Gear stocks the NEW Tanco I73 & I70 Bundle Shear, notwithstanding the full line of Tanco wholegoods and parts. Hamilton Hardware is the select US shipper and merchant of all Tanco Autowrap wholegoods and parts.

The new Tanco I73 Bundle Shear effortlessly handles bigger measurement round parcels – up to 5ft in breadth! What’s more, the Tanco I70 Parcel Shear accomodates up to 4ft distance across round bundles. The Tanco I73 Bundle Shear accompanies a flexible gripper that likewise handles 4ft breadth round parcels as well!

See our energizing video, above, of the I73 and I70 in real life with a slip control! http://youtu.be/heOv3twckFg

Tanco’s progressive bunch shears permit you to sustain wrapped parcels without cutting the plastic wrapping or mesh. The bundle shears work by grasping the net and plastic wrap while part the bunch down the middle – the net or plastic is held and spares time!

The I73 & I70 will cut through silage bunches, straw bundles and roughage effortlessly.

Our administration director, Harold Stauffer, is plant prepared to help you with the greater part of your parts or administration needs.

Call Hamilton Hardware at 800-733-0275 for more data and estimating – or visit our site at www.haminc.com.

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