Susan Ball Recognized for Excellence in her Career

Susan Ball, Life Lessons Pioneer and maker of General Life Lessons has been perceived for demonstrating commitment, initiative and incredibleness in her profession. Susan is additionally the Estate and Significant Blessing Officer at Anglicare Southern Queensland.

Overall Marking, the world’s driving worldwide individual marking association, is glad to support the eminent expert endeavors and achievements of Susan Ball. An esteemed part perceived for accomplishments in the most noteworthy request, Susan Ball conveys three many years of experience to our expert system where she has been noted, for her accomplishments, administration capacities, and her qualifications by Overall’s Who.

About Susan Ball:

Susan Ball has worked in the group area in the Unified Kingdom, Brunei, Italy and Australia. Her present proficient desire is to keep on finding creative approaches to upgrade people groups’ lives by engaging and empowering them to likewise be life lessons pioneers.

As Estate and Significant Blessing Officer for Anglicare Southern Queensland (SQ), Susan associates with liberal and minding contributors. This not-revenue driven association is focused on social and group welfare issues and matured and group mind needs, concentrating on burdened individuals from the group with its center estimations of affection, care, trust and quietude.

Susan Ball is likewise the writer of ‘General Life Lessons from My Splendid Blue Bohemian Butterfly,’ a book that empowers each peruser to go ahead the excursion of self disclosure through comprehension the brave and astounding story of her little girl, Anna Rose Paas, whose legacy was the endowment of 85 all inclusive life lessons. Susan trusts that the peruser will relate to those life lessons – that are really widespread – empowering them to discover peace, delight and love in their lives.

In 2015, Susan showed one of her works of art, ‘A Mother and Little girl’s heART’ at The Ladies’ Wellbeing and Prosperity Expo on May 16 and 17 on the Gold Drift. In May 2016, Susan was welcome to display her book, her specialty and her little girl’s craft in ‘A Lady’s heART’ Show (running parallel to The Ladies’ Wellbeing and Prosperity Expo) speaking to Ladies’ Writing. This presentation unites female specialists to commend the differences, imagination and accomplishments of ladies rehearsing in expressions of the human experience industry.

In May 2014, she was chosen as a Group Reporter for radio 612 ABC and served in that willful limit until April 2016. She was in this way requested that serve as a guide to the program – a part she acknowledged.

Susan Ball holds a Testament IV in Preparing and Evaluation, National Professional Capability (Propelled Level 3) in Data, Counsel and Direction, and an Authentication III in Inability. In addition, she is additionally a completely qualified handicap bolster specialist, and a Certify Specialty of Facilitating Facilitator. She holds recognitions in HR, and advertising and item improvement. She is a sanction individual from Rotational New Homestead and the present youth chief. Moreover, she is an establishing individual from National Incapacity Professionals, and executive of Paint Your Life Establishment. She is additionally associated with the Brisbane Scholars Celebration and is a previous board individual from Get to Expressions. Susan is a humanitarian who gives a rate of the returns from offers of her specialty and writing to philanthropies of her decision. Susan is perceived as an Existence Lessons Pioneer ( She ascribes her prosperity to her energy, vision and drive.

Overall Marking has added Susan Ball to their recognized Registry of Administrators, Experts and Business visionaries. While consideration in Overall Marking is a respect, just little determinations of individuals in every train are supported and advanced as pioneers in their expert fields.

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