Students at the Whitworth School Exceed Expectations with the Early Reading Program

Understanding that perusing is one of the mainstays of each understudy’s instruction, the Whitworth School has discovered proceeded with accomplishment with its Initial Perusing Program. The program is a framework for showing understudies from ages 3 to 5 years of age how to figure out how to begin perusing. Kids as youthful as three years of age begin by essentially perceiving letters and the sounds they relate to. As they advance through the program, they proceed onward to perusing many short, fun books when they begin kindergarten.

As they climb through the later phases of the program, Whitworth School understudies will in the long run achieve the point where they are perusing many books a year. At the Whitworth School, understudies enhance their capacity to peruse through a high amount of perusing. Most schools have understudies concentrate on nearly perusing a littler amount of books, yet the Whitworth School has discovered this moderates the speed at which understudies learn.

Another essential feature to perusing such a variety of books is kids begin to take in other scholarly subjects from the stories they are perusing. For instance, perusing simple books about volcanoes can help youthful youngsters begin to find out about Earth science. This approach joins a few sorts of learning into one fun movement.

One parent as of late depicted the Early Perusing Program this way: “My girl began at the Whitworth School at age three and a half. She could begin figuring out how to peruse with the Early Perusing Program immediately. She simply turned six toward the finish of September and she’s perusing at a third grade perusing level!”

The Whitworth School is anticipating acquainting significantly more youngsters with the delight of perusing as the school year advances.

The Whitworth School is an autonomous, coeducational, non-public school situated in Orange District, California. We enlist understudies from the age of 3 years to eighth grade. To discover all the more, please visit

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