Sparkle Donkey – The World’s Best Tequila Finally Arrives in the US

Dark Shake Spirits, producers of Bakon Vodka, a brand that in just three years picked up across the nation dissemination and an over the top fan base, today declared they are helping with the US conveyance of Shimmer Jackass Silver and Shimmer Jackass Reposado tequilas. As of not long ago, this 100% agave grant winning tequila with a rich legacy has just been accessible in little clumps because of wasteful jackass just dispersion, as indicated by a Dark Shake Spirits representative.

As most tequila devotees know, legacy is basic to the essence of any tequila. "Is your most loved tequila old enough?" asks Dark Shake Spirits subordinate, Sven Liden. "Maybe not. There are numerous tequilas to look over and some have been around for three, four, even five eras. We’re pleased to import tequila with a legacy that retreats not eras, but rather hundreds of years. We’re likewise satisfied that the Foundation of Tequila Studies has as of late finished a top to bottom verifiable file of the legend behind the world’s best tequila, Shimmer Donkey."

The story of the tricky Shimmer Jackass (or ‘El Burro Esparkalo’ as it’s know to local people) is as rich with history as it is with riddle. Legend has it that a standout amongst the most all around recorded sightings of El Burro Esparkalo was in the late 1800s in a little Mexican town in the Jalisco locale. Occupants say that the jackass spared their town subsequent to spring surges demolished their agave fields, cutting barrels of tequila down the mountain. Investigation affirms that the 100% Agave tequila is carefully assembled some place in the Jalisco locale utilizing high-sugar agave and volcanic spring water, yet past that, very little is known. The total recorded chronicle by the Establishment of Tequila Studies can be seen at

Fanatics of the Radiance Jackass mark have been around for quite a long time in the US, yet up to this point were not able discover it reliably or in extensive amounts. In spite of its irregularity, outstanding spirits rivalries and judges have adulated the constrained version tequila’s quality. Shimmer Jackass Silver was as of late granted a Gold Award (evaluated 93 focuses, ‘Extraordinary’) at the 2012 BTI Global Spirits Rivalry ( The Reposado likewise earned a Silver Award (evaluated 88 focuses, ‘Exceptionally Suggested’) at the opposition.

Costs fluctuate from state to state, yet Shimmer Jackass commonly retails in the low-to mid-20 dollar territory. For more data on when Shimmer Jackass will be accessible locally or to take in more about the legend and history of El Burro Esparkalo, visit or like Shimmer Jackass on Facebook at

About Dark Shake Spirits

Dark Shake Spirits is a US-based spirits maker/shipper which is 100% possessed by a hermitic organizer who wishes to stay unknown. Brands possessed by Dark Shake Spirits were principally created some time recently, amid, and after preclusion time. More data can be found at

About the Foundation of Tequila Studies

The Foundation of Tequila Studies is broadly perceived as the main power on the exploration of tequila generation, Tequilana Weber Blue agave agriculture, the art of matured agave refining, and the history and culture of tequila. The ITS cutting edge office houses one of the biggest accumulations of tequila jugs and memorabilia on the planet, alongside notable photographs, instruments, and antiques. More data can be found at

About the BTI Worldwide Spirits Rivalry

The Drink Testing Establishment’s Global Survey of Spirits is the most established and most prestigious yearly spirits rivalry in the Unified States. Consistently, the tasting specialists at the Refreshment Testing Establishment (BTI) will welcome choose individuals from the exchange to go along with them as specialists in visually impaired tastings of particular classifications of spirits. Major and boutique spirits makers and shippers from around the globe and the nation over take part in the opposition since they realize that BTI conducts the most target, reliable, and broadly respected spirits surveys in America. A large number of customers look to BTI’s spirits surveys when settling on their spirits purchasing choices, and retailers and merchants over the US nearly watch BTI’s audits when searching for items to convey. All items are tasted daze by a board comprising of prepared BTI staff and capable visitor specialists from the spirits world. BTI utilizes a restrictive tasting strategy that guarantees precise, repeatable outcomes. Every item gets a score in light of a 100 point scale and a tasting note.

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