Songs for Sound & MusiCares(R) Unite to Help You Hear the Music at SXSW

What do Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Ozzy Osbourne, Neil Youthful, Phil Collins, Chris Martin and all have in like manner? Beside making hit music, each is a piece of the developing rundown of performers who battle with hearing issues. Proficient artists are about four circumstances more inclined to endure clamor instigated hearing misfortune or tinnitus – consistent ringing in the ears – because of normal presentation to high volume nearby other people. Estes Audiology joins not-for-profits MusiCares(R) and Tunes for Sound to help specialists keep this from transpiring, giving free hearing wellbeing administrations at the SXSW Celebration Walk 14-18.

Melodies for Sound is a Nashville-based philanthropy that has been peopling with hearing misfortune get to sound since 2010. Jaime Vernon established the association after her little girl, Lexi, was conceived hard of hearing and given the groundbreaking capacity to hear through cochlear inserts at 19-months old. Vernon’s brother by marriage is Gary LeVox of Rapscallion Flatts and music resembles an individual from their family. The Hear the Music Extend pays respect to the force of music as it visits the country with a free hearing wellbeing center that gives hearing tests and connections individuals with audiologists and hearing arrangements. The venture makes a few stops in Texas this month – check the visit schedule at the-music-extend/.

The Hear the Music Extend facility will be interested in all performers and SXSW participants Walk 14-18 at the Austin Tradition Center, Mezzanine Room 7. Guests can get a free hearing exam, standard hearing insurance, and data on hearing misfortune avoidance and arrangements. Industry pioneers Phonak, Captel and Cochlear Americas support the venture.

“Phonak bolsters the Hear the Music Extend in light of the fact that we trust music is one of life’s awesome delights. We need performers never to lose the endowment of giving and tuning in to music. We urge performers to wear hearing insurance and offer hearing innovation to give back a quality music encounter for artists with hearing misfortune. Truth be told, Phonak has the first class listening device for music sound quality. The portable hearing assistant gives a characteristic music encounter through its working framework AutoSense OS taking into account happiness to be found in music once more.”

MusiCares(R) is a not-for-profit philanthropy of The Recording Academy(R) and helps individuals from the music group when help is desperately needed. They join forces with audiologists at music celebrations all through the country to help performers and stagehands battle hearing misfortune with custom hearing insurance. At SXSW, Estes Audiologists will make impressions for the ear insurance while MusiCares will take care of the expense of the item that will later ship to the beneficiary. This administration will be accessible to qualified performers on Walk 17 from 2pm-6pm and Walk 18 from 12pm-4pm at the Austin Tradition Center, Mezzanine Room 7.

The objective is to get performers and music sweethearts to secure their ears before it is past the point of no return. Chris Martin of Coldplay has pushed for this for a considerable length of time. “Caring for your ears is shockingly something you don’t consider until there’s an issue. I’ve had tinnitus for around ten years, and since I began ensuring my ears it hasn’t deteriorated – touch wood. Yet, I wish I’d contemplated it before.”

About Tunes for Sound:

Tunes for Sound is a Nashville-based not-for-profit association that trusts all individuals have the privilege to pick how they hear and impart. The association fills in as a voice for veterans, senior residents, and youngsters with hearing misfortune, gives training on hearing misfortune arrangements, raises reserves for people with hearing misfortune, and anterooms for enactment that makes arrangements more moderate and open. For more data, visit

About MusiCares(R) :

Set up in 1989 by The Recording Academy(R), MusiCares(R) gives a security net of basic help for music individuals when help is desperately needed. MusiCares’ administrations and assets cover an extensive variety of monetary, therapeutic, and individual crises, and each case is treated with uprightness and secrecy. MusiCares additionally centers the assets and consideration of the music business on human administration issues that straightforwardly affect the wellbeing and welfare of the music group. For more data, please visit For breaking news and select substance, please “like” MusiCares on Facebook and take after @MusiCares on Twitter and Instagram.

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