Skateboarders, Artists, and Musicians Come Together to Do Good Things

As school cuts expressions and physical training programs, a gathering of skateboarders, craftsmen, performers and organizations are set for unite and put their gifts in the people to come. When you consider skateboarding, workmanship may not be the principal thing that rings a bell. You may consider the adrenaline, the fervor, and so forth however many will first partner skateboarding with flexibility of expression. Be that as it may, to skaters, their style advertisement best stuff is their own particular individual artistic expression.

There has dependably been a natural relationship amongst skateboarding and craftsmanship. To the normal individual, a staircase may very well be an approach to get starting with one level then onto the next. In any case, to a skater, this staircase is their canvas.

“Similarly as it requires persistence, assurance, and inventiveness to paint a picture until it looks precisely how you need it to, or snapping a photograph at simply the correct minute to get your shot, those excellencies additionally apply to experimenting with another trap and really landing it effectively.” (ALEX GOMES, THE 20 BEST SKATEBOARDERS WHO ARE Likewise Craftsmen,

With skateboarding keeping on developing in notoriety, it’s intense not to focus. Snatch any skateboard, flip it over, and you can see the workmanship and imagined that go into making a master show design. Every last board is interesting. At that point, there is the music. Fly in the most recent skate video. The soundtrack of every video is painstakingly communicated every skater’s independence. In each viewpoint, craftsmanship, music and skateboard culture go as an inseparable unit.

PUSH FOR GOOD is a development to bring the skate, workmanship & music group together to do great things for our neighborhood groups. It is another association built up by long time skate industry couple Ulises & Toni Frallicciardi and Ace Skater and Artist Hurl Treece.

“Our trust it to connect with the skateboarding group, craftsman, and performer to put once again into the people to come and to utilize their endowments to DO Great THINGS for the groups they live and skate in.”, says prime supporter Toni Frallicciardi.

Go along with them as they commence this new development, Saturday, July second at The First Big shots, situated at 320 SW second Road, Post Lauderdale, FL 33312. Appreciate music from world-renowed performer and ace skater, Hurl Treece. Look at craftsmanship from specialists like Blair Hess, Jenk, Ruben Ubeira, and others. PUSH FOR GOOD raise basic financing to commence this national development with wagers from patrons like: PRS Guitars, DR Strings, Satisfaction Euphoria Watches, Ludwig Drums, Take Guns, Pusher Wheels, Expert Trucks. Vater Percussion, Pier Attire, Dreams of Zion, Lake Skateboards, Crush forever, Pine box Team, Island Water Sports, Jay Slopes, Juice Magazine, Thrasher Magazine, For hell’s sake, Tates Funnies, The Whosoevers and then some.

About Your Organization: PUSH FOR GOOD is a push to bring the skate-craftsmanship music groups together with an end goal to bring youth Seek and #DoGoodThings after the future era.


Instagram: @PushForGood



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