Senior Advisory Engineer at Northrop Grumman Named Chief Technology Officer for PowerAmerica Institute

Dr. Victor Veliadis, a senior counseling engineer for Northrup Grumman Electronic Frameworks, has been named the Central Innovation Officer (CTO) for PowerAmerica, general society private power gadgets establishment situated on NC Express College’s Centennial Grounds.

“We are to a great degree lucky to have somebody of Dr. Veliadis’ stature and learning join PowerAmerica,” said Gen. Scratch Equity, official executive. “He has a gigantic reputation of achievement in the innovative work of influence semiconductor gadgets and brings an abundance of experience.”

In his ability as senior consultative specialist at Northrop Grumman, Veliadis drove endeavors in the outline, creation, and testing of different wide bandgap gadgets and was main examiner (PI) and program supervisor for various government programs, including the U.S. Armed force’s TARDEC “Enormous Region SiC Switch” and the U.S. Armed force Research Lab’s “High Temperature SiC Control Hardware” programs. He likewise composed SiC Torrential slide Photodiodes for sun oriented visually impaired Geiger mode applications.

Veliadis has been granted 23 licenses for his work and has various patent applications pending.

Veliadis has likewise been an extra material science educator at Ursinus School and St. Joseph’s College, and a post-specialist look into individual, inquire about associate and teacher at Johns Hopkins College.

Veliadis got his Ph.D. furthermore, M.S. degrees in electrical and PC building from Johns Hopkins College and a M.S. degree in electrical designing from the National Specialized College of Athens.

PowerAmerica, likewise called the Cutting edge Control Gadgets National Assembling Development Establishment, is open private association between the Bureau of Vitality, U.S. colleges and corporate accomplices to quicken the assembling of wide bandgap gadgets in the U.S. Driven by NC Express, the’s establishment will probably make, exhibit, and send new power electronic abilities, items, and procedures that can affect business creation, assemble workforce aptitudes, improve producing capacities, and encourage long haul financial development in the locale and the country over.

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