Sen. Ted Stevens Memorialized with New Missile Defense Award

The Rocket Resistance Support Organization together (MDAA),, held its first yearly Gold country Rocket Safeguard of the Year Grant Function in Safe haven, The Frozen North on Saturday, May 10, regarding those individuals from The Frozen North Armed force and Air National Protect who work the U.S. Ground Based Midcourse Framework.

The top honor exhibited was the primary ever Ted Stevens Commemoration Grant for rocket barrier, to pay tribute to Fmr. Congressperson Ted Stevens of Gold country, a furious champion for national rocket safeguard.

The Champ of the Ted Stevens Commemoration Honor is:

Skipper Eric E. Kraus

Senior Strategic Chief, 49th Rocket Guard Regiment

The Frozen North Armed force National Protect


The Champs of the Rocket Protector of the Year for the Gold country Air National Monitor are:

Commander Erik J. Haugen

Flight Boss, Operational Bolster Flight, 213th SWS

Specialized Sergeant Brian C. Rowbotham

Group Boss, Rocket Cautioning Operations Center, 213th SWS


The Victors of the Rocket Safeguard of the Year Grant for Best Team are:

Bravo Battery, 49th Rocket Barrier Regiment

Chief Ryan Richard

Senior Strategic Executive

Chief Jason Brewer

Strategic Fight Examiner

Boss Warrant Officer 3 Jacob Moore

Central command and Home office Battery

Staff Sergeant Derrick Holmes

Engagement Control Group Pioneer

Sergeant John C. Sorrells

Engagement Control Move Pioneer


The occasion commended the commitments to national rocket protection by Gold country Congressperson Ted Stevens. MDAA Director Riki Ellison once lauded Sen. Stevens for having the “vision and authority to send those frameworks in the most beneficial and key area and to drive political will to have an operational framework set up inside four years after our Congress and President settled on the choice.” Amid his comments at the function, Ellison said “He was an Alaskan to the center, and was extremely pleased with what are were doing up there. He never dismissed the warriors and families serving up there.” The Ted Stevens Honor was exhibited by Congressman Wear Youthful (R-AK)

Recognized visitors and moderators included Congressperson Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) The Frozen North Lieutenant Senator Mead Treadwell, Administrator of The Frozen North Air National Monitor Brigadier General Timothy. The officer of the Gold country Armed force National Protect, Brigadier General Leon M. Spans.

The Ground Based Midcourse Framework is North America’s just line of barrier against approaching ballistic rocket dangers. Stronghold Greely, The Frozen North is home to 27 of the 30 Ground Based Interceptors as of now conveyed.

“Regardless of what they say in regards to the framework or about the testing,” Ellison told the function participants, “we know how much certainty we have in you and this framework that has prevented our country’s enemies from striking the Assembled States.”

Riki Ellison is accessible for meetings.

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Telephone: 703-299-0060.

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