Sandra Heckman of South Carolina Wins Dinner with Dr. Benjamin Carson Contest

Sandra Heckman, a real estate agent from Tega Cay, South Carolina, was haphazardly chosen from the 2664 contestants to the National Draft Ben Carson for President Board’s "Have Supper with Dr. Benjamin Carson" challenge. She and her better half Robert won airfare for two, a night at the Arizona Biltmore and a seat during supper with Dr. Carson at an altruistic gathering pledges supper being held at the Arizona Biltmore on January 28.

"From the principal minute I heard Dr. Carson talk (much sooner than a Presidential draft was ever specified), I swung to my significant other and stated, ‘This is the man we requirement for President.’ His background and triumphs, his trustworthiness… emanates from the heart versus the ordinary legislator who transmits from self. I am more than regarded having the chance to eat with such a modest righteous man who really puts the welfare of others first," said Mrs. Heckman.

"We are nearly as energized as the Heckmans. The National Draft Ben Carson for President Board couldn’t have a more energetic supporter for the push to draft Dr. Carson than Sandra Heckman," said National Executive John Philip Sousa, IV.

The National Draft Ben Carson for President Advisory group is a Super PAC that works in the 50 expresses, the Area of Columbia, U.S. regions and Americans abroad. The Board of trustees trusts the Dr. Carson is the main potential hopeful who can beat Hillary Clinton, is the best representative for practical strategy arrangements steady with American Exceptionalism, and is the main individual in either party who can bring together the country after the most divisive White House in American history.

Since its August 2013 initiation, the National Draft Ben Carson for President Board has raised over $1.75 million from more than 32,000 contributors. Intrigued residents will discover more data at

The considerable grandson of the renowned walk ruler, John Philip Sousa, IV, creator and monetary venture proficient, and Vernon Robinson, a previous City Chamber individual from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, graduate of the Aviation based armed forces Institute, and the child of a Tuskegee Aviator, made the National Draft Ben Carson for President Board of trustees in August of this current year to draft Dr. Benjamin Carson to keep running for the republican selection for President in 2016.

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