Sachse Public Library Presents Community Teen Program Discussing Dangers of Social Media

On September eighth. at 6:00 p.m. the Sachse Open Library situated at 3815 Sachse Street, Building C. Sachse, TX 75048, will commence a group program for tweens and high schoolers. Guardians, kin, and teachers are additionally welcome. The gathering will meet again on September the 29th to talk about the book and answer questions. You can at present call for data 972-530-8966.

Tormenting and digital harassing are a proceeding with issue that has grievously brought about a disturbing number of high schooler suicides. The CDC had revealed that suicide is the third driving reason for death among youngsters, bringing about around 4,400 passings for every year. They additionally report for each suicide among youngsters, there are no less than 100 suicide endeavors. Many endeavors connected to for goodness’ sake, harassing.

Grant winning creator Amanda M. Thrasher will commence the counter tormenting exchange with her book The Greenlee Extend. Thrasher’s most recent book takes an enthusiastic look into the truth of digital harassing. A merciless treachery of such greatness wrecks her primary character, driving her to settle on develop choices that teenagers are frequently forced to make because of such shocking demonstrations of harassing. The principle characters choices address the result of her persecutors, including their discipline, and their future alternatives. The Greenlee Venture is Mother’s Decision Gold Beneficiary Honor Victor.

This is what individuals are saying in regards to The Greenlee Extend.

“The Greenlee Venture is a charming anecdotal story tending to basic genuine issues that tweens and high schoolers confront today. Tormenting and digital harassing are a piece of our general public today that has had grievous outcomes for some. Amanda Thrasher, is a gifted creator, who has conveyed a story that is both convincing furthermore provocative. You can feel the feelings of each of the characters as the story unfurls along this trip. It will abandon you with the craving to change your general surroundings and to converse with others about the expanding seriousness of harassing and digital tormenting. With the talk questions incorporated, this is a magnificent decision for book-clubs and center school dialect expressions classes. Such a basic and critical story.” – Lisa Robinson, CFLE, alright

“The Greenlee Venture is a touching and chilling wake up call that each high schooler ought to peruse. Amanda Thrasher gives us fascinating and convincing characters, an all around created plot, and a winded pace. Her high schoolers are real to the point that you will feel you know them by and by. Ordinary pre-adult instability and hunger for acknowledgment trumps companionship and thought, prompting to a bad dream: a runaway chain of heartless unflattering, and unmerciful photographs and posts, debilitates to demolish kinships, self-respect, and professions. Innovation amplifies the most noticeably bad impulses of the general population included, while the casualties must choose how to confront up to their tormentors. Adolescents will discover ‘The Greenlee Extend’ a convincing read and supportive guide, while grown-ups will see the difficulties today’s teenagers confront. This is a great and vital story…” – David A. Bedford, Ph.D. Teacher of Spanish at TCU

I watched the characteristics of my two young men (17 and 14) as they read The Greenlee Extend every night. At the time, I had not read the book, but rather through the characteristics of youngsters, I could see astounding concern, hurt, empathy, and on occasion, indications of outrage as they turned every page. This is an unquestionable requirement read for guardians and high schoolers of any age. Work well done Amanda! – Scotty Moore

About the Creator:

Amanda M. Thrasher conceived in Britain, moved to Texas, dwells there still. Exploratory writing dependably an energy, turned into a full-time profession. Creator of a few titles: The Greenlee Extend, Devilishness in the Mushroom Fix, A Pixie Coordinate in the Mushroom Fix, The Apparition of Whispering Willow, Sadie’s Pixie Casual get-together and There’s a Gator Under My Bed! Different Productions incorporate, What If…A Story of Smashed Lives, composed for the Texas Civil Instruction Center, part of the D.R.S.R. (Driving on the Correct Side of the Street) program. This script is designed for adolescent wellbeing while driving.


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