Resa Goldberg Releases Love Me Madly: A Memoir

At the point when your daughter dreams for affection are broken by a shark in sheep’s attire, how might you escape him? Can you ever truly make tracks in an opposite direction from the fear and figure out how to trust yourself again?

Resa Goldberg’s provocative and, on occasion, excruciating new journal, Cherish Me Frantically (distributed by Moonshine Bay Distributing, LLC. ( ) presents her as a starry-looked at youngster whose purity is smashed by a progression of astonishing sexual and physical strikes that spread over two years amid secondary school. The book accounts her trip from that nerve racking injury to separated mother exploring the shores of Web dating. Some way or another, and regardless of extensive proof actually, she never deserts her standing conviction that not exclusively does Mr. Right exist, however that he’s ideal around the bend – concealed some place in that Rebels Display of young men and men.

The result toward the end gives the creator a comprehension of the past- – why she has settled on such terrible options, a route forward into a more joyful future lastly a mission to help young ladies and ladies who may have endured comparative encounters.

At Goldberg’s legitimate book dispatch ( she gave a segment of her book deals to and composed a wager for Safe Partnership, an association that helps casualties of rape, teenager pregnancy and aggressive behavior at home. On September 3, Mike Collins, host of WFAE’s “Charlotte Talks” program (Charlotte’s NPR subsidiary) talked with her about her encounters, what she has learned and how she is keeping on producing her association with Safe Partnership and stand up against savagery against ladies. ( and-recuperation adore me-frantically journal). She was joined on “Charlotte Talks” by Authorized Proficient Advocate Dr. Christopher McCarthy, co-maker of the Turnaround Nervousness Program and Blog ( ).

The story that motivated Love Me Frantically: A Diary has likewise been highlighted in The Charlotte Spectator ( matters-… 16263.html), The Carolinas Week after week Daily papers ( … es-diary/) and Today’s Charlotte Lady (

Resa has over 20 years encounter as a columnist, essayist and manager for radio, TV, daily papers and magazines and a graduate degree in communicate reporting from the College of Georgia. Her work has been distributed in both nearby and national productions, including The Business Diaries, Genius, Road & Smith’s SportsBusiness Diary and NASCAR Outlined. She has propelled three magazines in Charlotte, where she presently lives.

Adore Me Frantically: A Journal is accessible at Amazon ( Me-Frantically Resa-Goldberg/dp/193732771X/ref=s … e+Me+Madly ) and Barnes & Honorable ( me-frantically a-journal resa-goldberg/… 1937327712) and Resa is additionally accessible for motivational talking engagements at colleges or community bunches. If it’s not too much trouble visit for contact data.

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