Real-Time Kid Locator “School Boongboongi” Meets 1,000 Kindergartens

Area cloud arrangement organization Spacosa(CEO Cho Wooju) reported it made business participation with Fly Children (Chief Nam Daewoo) to appropriate its school transport area teller “School Boongboongi” to 1,000 kindergarten transports.

Fly Children is a circulation organization having some expertise in kindergartens that claims 30 branches in 33 areas including Jeju Island.

With “School Boongboongi”, educators and guardians can without much of a stretch find the transport with an application.

Guardians can spare time by knowing the correct area of the transport, not worrying about speculating the arriving time as per climate or activity condition. Instructors can concentrate more on the wellbeing of the understudies by sparing time from physically sending the messages to every parent.

The kindergartens can build the proficiency and exactness in dealing with their transports by actualizing “School Boongboongi”.

Likewise, to lessen the issue of security releases, the area sending gadget “Gper” will be introduced in the transports rather than transport drivers installing the applications on their telephones. This will build the utilization of “School Boongboongi”.

Cho stated, “We have an objective to circulate 30,000 “School Boongboongi” by 2017, then grow to assume control over the transport area observing support of 450,000 transports.”

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