Puro Sound Labs’ “Healthy Headphones” Sensory Relief Benefits Lead to Partnership with Autism Charity KultureCity

Puro Sound Labs, a chief sound organization focused on wiping out Clamor Incited Listening to Misfortune (NIHL) brought on by perilous earphones, has united with KultureCity, a philanthropy enthusiastic about dynamic group contribution both in mindfulness and acknowledgment of extreme introvertedness, additionally advancing incorporation, work creation and helping mentally unbalanced people achieve their maximum capacity.

Puro’s “Solid Earphones” clamor constriction and safe decibel level give tactile help to all ages and has turned out to be a positive answer for tangible issues that extremely introverted people involvement. Puro and KultureCity have banded together to bring mindfulness and give an earphone option that will profit a bigger number of general society while additionally eliminating the quantity of individuals that create listening to misfortune because of outrageous clamor levels.

Puro Chief Brett Lacey stated, “We are to a great degree eager to work with a world-class association like Kulture City. Having the capacity to offer a sheltered, soothing answer for people with tangible issue is a compensating augmentation of Puro Sound’s main goal. We couldn’t request a superior accomplice.”

Puro earphones will be highlighted in every single tactile activity in conjunction with KultureCity including real games fields, zoos, schools and theaters empowering extremely introverted people to adapt to tangible sensitivities that so normally meddle with their day by day lives. Puro will likewise be a supporter of KultureCity’s “Adoration Without Words” a mental imbalance mindfulness battle, set to dispatch in November 2016.

Puro is eager to join nearby VIPs Tiki Hairdresser, Mick Foley and Jamie Lynn Siegler as supporters of KultureCity, whose sole concentration is on helping mentally unbalanced people understand their potential by giving substantial help to youngsters with a mental imbalance and their families. Puro and KultureCity will have a co-advertising plan to convey advance attention to extreme introvertedness and Commotion Prompted Listening to Misfortune (NIHL).

“Our continuous organization with Puro will permit us to keep on fulfilling the requirements for these stunning extremely introverted kids and their families. We couldn’t be more appreciative for their support,” says KultureCity Author/President Julian Maha, M.D.

As KultureCity’s accomplice, Puro Sound Labs will additionally bolster the establishment by giving a rate of offers from buys utilizing the code KultureCity at checkout on www.purosound.com.

About Puro Sound Labs

Set up in 2014, Puro Sound Labs is devoted to battling the developing pandemic of Commotion Initiated Listening to Misfortune by giving solid, moderate, fantastic listening items. Originator Dave Russell discovered that his most youthful little girl had created Clamor Initiated Listening to Misfortune with specialists recognizing her earphone’s over the top volume as the cause. Without a sheltered other option to the harming earphones available, Dave set out make the arrangement. Puro Sound Labs has since made the world’s just studio-review Bluetooth earphone that puts the wellbeing of one’s listening to first. Puro Sound Labs is focused on building mindfulness and the quest for decreasing the effect of NIHL by growing new items and innovations to give an answer for this developing pandemic.

For more data, visit www.purosound.com.

About KultureCity

KultureCity was established in 2013 with the mission to move the group and make a world where every extremely introverted individual are acknowledged, included and can achieve their potential. While there are numerous other extreme introvertedness philanthropies concentrated on discovering cures for a mental imbalance, none broadly are exclusively centered around helping mentally unbalanced people understand their potential by giving substantial encourage and assets to organizations and the group. Each dollar gave to KultureCity goes straightforwardly to the youngsters they offer assistance.

For more data, visit www.kulturecity.org

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