Perry Hosting EXPOSURE Concert as Buffalo’s New Wild Woman; Raising Awareness for Domestic Violence

She has bounty to grin about, today.

Be that as it may, only a couple of years back, she had wounded ribs, and wounds and cuts about her body. She was embarrassed, assaulted and beaten, once more. She wailed to rest, imploring, asking what she ever did as such wrong to merit what she was getting. She saw no get way out and thought she would be executed because of her significant other.

Meet Suzanne Perry. Wavy purple hair, with a splendid grin and a verifiable twinkle in her eye. She has a uninhibited, unpalatable snicker. She is a liberated individual who survived 22 years of aggressive behavior at home and rape. She lived to tell, and she rouses individuals to get the valor to leave a harsh relationship.

Ms. Perry is the author of Affection Shouldn’t Hurt.TV, a philanthropic philanthropy that backers for men and ladies affected by abusive behavior at home and has turned into a motivational speaker.

Only outside of Wild ox, New York, Ms. Perry arranges a yearly three-day music-fest end of the week, to convey light to the murkiness of mishandle. Ms. Perry organizes the “Introduction Show: Since affection shouldn’t do any harm” which live-streams far and wide. This year points the 6th continuous Presentation Show.

From June 26-28, 2015, fifty groups are planned to perform on two phases, with unique visitors, a sold out merchant reasonable on Saturday, and pools and recreations. Introduction has been seen from 9 nations and more than 30 states in the US.

She keeps on landing surely understood music industry patrons, for example, Magnificent Tip, Yorkville Sound and Guitar Industrial facility, even telecom monster Verizon Remote. Extra backers incorporate the Ladies’ Global Music Organize (WiMN), She Shakes the Planet! what’s more, Raymour & Flanigan furniture.

A week ago, it was reported Ms. Perry was steered of Wild Ladies Join together, successor to Yvonne Folck, the First Wild Lady, who is moving to Florida.

Ms. Folck has put in the most recent ten years uniting many ladies every year for an exceptional end of the week as they learn essentials of outside exercises they never envisioned attempting, for example, fly-angling, kayaking, zip-lining, scrounging, self-preservation. She has consistently constructed organizations together with donning/outside outlets and in 2014, when Cabela’s moved into town, Ms. Folck sprang enthusiastically. Last October, Cabela’s provided assets and staff to educate an assortment of outside games and exercises at the Wild Ladies Join end of the week.

Mr. Wear Ashworth, Showcasing Director of Cabela’s in Cheektowaga, NY, has consented to again partake in Wild Ladies Join end of the week, being held October 2 and 3 in Terrific Island, NY. The occasion is relied upon to offer out, with 500 female members; rolling in from over the Unified States and Canada.

Ms. Folck felt certain passing the reins to Ms. Perry, expressing, “I know Suzanne will bring this occasion forward with new excitement and assurance and improve it than it was. In the meantime, this occasion will serve as the mark pledge drive for the ‘Love Shouldn’t Do any harm’ association which gives training and support to stop aggressive behavior at home and engage ladies.”

Ms. Perry is appreciative and lowered by the securing; refering to that it will “give a money related bolster to the charitable,” further empowering her effort to give bolster administrations and assets to men and ladies who are in harsh connections. Administrations incorporate workshops, care groups, open effort endeavors to teach, and certainty building aptitudes.

“One in four ladies and one in six men is far too much!” Ms. Perry expressed. “In the event that our little girl didn’t stand up to me and debilitate to flee, I wouldn’t be here today! I wasn’t sufficiently solid to leave all alone. However, I survived, and now I am here as living declaration that anyone who is in a comparative circumstance, can live once more. You can have a magnificent life outside the limits of mishandle! I have never been so upbeat, so thankful in my life! Today, my life ROCKS!”

Ms. Perry has a message to the world that a man – man or lady – doesn’t have to remain in a damaging relationship. “Try not to remain for the children, don’t remain for funds, don’t hold up until either.. make the conviction-based action now, yet have a security arrange set up. What’s more, don’t trust an abuser will change. They will make their self cry, they will guarantee they will go to guiding, however next time, it will be more awful. You are not the only one, run and don’t think back!”

Ms. Perry will acknowledge gifts to share messages of trust and from survivors, from around the globe, live in front of an audience amid the Presentation Show in June.

For more data on the Introduction Show and Love Shouldnt Hurt, please visit www.LoveShouldntHurt.TV.

For more data on Wild Ladies Join together, please visit

Cherish Shouldn’t Hurt.TV is a 501(c)3 charitable association that promoters against aggressive behavior at home. It gives certainty preparing – workshops – bunch sessions, open presentations and casualty strengthening preparing. “Get yourself, adore yourself, act naturally and be glad.”

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