PediaCities Releases New York City Crime Map

PediaCities, an online reference book of information about New York City, has discharged an upgraded intuitive wrongdoing map in view of the New York Police Office’s point wrongdoing information. The guide is accessible at

The PediaCities Wrongdoing Map permits clients to think about wrongdoing in various parts of the city – amassed by police region, neighborhood, precinct, postal district, city committee areas, and group regions.

This is the first run through wrongdoing information has been accumulated along well known topographies, and not simply along region limits, similar to the case with NYPD’s wrongdoing information. The PediaCities Wrongdoing Map likewise permits clients to imagine distinctive sorts of wrongdoing and contrast it with the city overall.

Tapping on an area on the Wrongdoing Guide will be take clients to a detail page. On these detail pages, revealed areas of individual wrongdoings, separated by sort, alongside extra information about socioeconomics, lodging, group assets, and different regions are collected on the PediaCities stage.

Full insights about the strategy and credits: map/

About PediaCities: PediaCities is an online intelligent reference book of information about urban communities, made by Ontodia to feature Open Information Arrangements.

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