Pay-O-Matic CEO Seeks to Recast Image

Very nearly 35 million American family units – more than 65 million grown-ups – are unbanked or underbanked, announced the FDIC in an overview distributed in 2016. In any case, one industry figure contends that customers are by and large ineffectively served by the two marks, and by the money related administrations industry which perseveringly utilizes the terms.

“These a huge number of customers aren’t unbanked or underbanked,” says Jay Guskind, President and Chief of Pay-O-Matic, New York City’s biggest supplier of check liquidating and option budgetary administrations to this market portion. “They’re underserved, by banks that shut down branches in their neighborhoods, or make it troublesome or difficult to get to the administrations these shoppers require – value-based administrations, for example, getting the money for a check, purchasing a cash arrange, sending money by means of wire exchange or paying bills electronically.

“They’re underserved by customary budgetary establishments that have made it clear that they no longer esteem their business.”

A visionary way to deal with the client encounter

Guskind, who took control at Pay-O-Matic last October, conveys a one of a kind point of view to his position. In the wake of filling in as territorial VP of stores for Ruler & Taylor amid the 1980s, Guskind moved to Citibank, where he filled in as retail managing an account chief. At Citibank, Guskind presented retailing operations, measurements and a client driven way to deal with branch administration, reshaping the model of retail saving money.

“We’re currently conveying the things buyers used to get from banks: protected and helpful areas, an arrangement of sought after administrations and a regard for the client,” says Guskind. “With 150 areas and stores in every one of the five districts, in addition to Westchester and Long Island, Pay-O-Matic is more universal than generally banks. What’s more, New Yorkers are going to our stores for the exceptional client encounter they once anticipated from customary monetary foundations.

“Regardless of which of our 150 stores you visit,” proceeds with Guskind, “we’ll remember you through our framework, so we’re ready to help you better and make you feel extraordinary. Our rivals aren’t connected up as are we, and don’t share information from store to store, so they can’t offer that sort of experience.”

Moving the business into the cutting edge time

Guskind swarms at the recognition still held by some that the registration business utilizes savage practices. “It’s a Rodney Dangerfield circumstance,” he remorsefully notes. “We don’t get any regard. Be that as it may, circumstances are different, thus has check liquidating. Pay-O-Matic is an option monetary administrations organization satisfying an indispensable requirement for a developing client base. We’re striving to change the picture of the business.

“Investigate our stores,” says Guskind. “We work with finish straightforwardness. The cost for each one of our administrations is posted on the divider. At a bank, it’s occasionally difficult to realize what you’re being charged for. Our clients know precisely what they’re paying for- – and they truly welcome that straightforwardness.”

Upgrading the client involvement with the store level

Since playing the influential position at Pay-O-Matic before the end of last year, Guskind has laid out a yearning motivation, beginning with a vital arrangement for remodeling and enhancing the organization’s 150 stores. “We have to dependably be enhancing the involvement with the purpose of contact,” he says, reviewing his residency in retailing at Citibank.

“We’re growing our hours, expanding the quantity of stores that are open all day, every day,” he proceeds. “What’s more, will give more omni-channel administrations to our clients. I need them to have the capacity to start exchanges on the telephone or on the web, so when they stroll into a store, it takes them 30 seconds rather than four minutes.

“We’re investigating better approaches to help individuals deal with their money related exchanges – and their lives,” states Guskind. “It appears to be basic, yet such a large number of organizations overlook this fundamental truth: the customer has a decision. Our industry is profoundly managed, so there’s almost no variety concerning cost or administrations advertised.

“Shoppers are settling on their decision in light of comfort and the client encounter,” Guskind closes. “We’re satisfied so a significant number of our clients stroll past the retail facades of our rivals since they like to work together at a Compensation O-Matic store.”

Pay-O-Matic is New York’s biggest supplier of check changing administrations, taking care of more than 19 million exchanges every year. Established in 1958, Pay-O-Matic has developed to 150 stores all through the New York metropolitan range, with 51 areas in Brooklyn, 42 stores in the Bronx, 33 areas in Rulers, 20 stores in Manhattan and four areas on Long Island. Pay-O-Matic areas offer check getting the money for and an arrangement of advantageous administrations including charge installments, cash exchanges, cash orders and prepaid platinum cards. Pay-O-Matic is an area money related administrations supplier and a glad individual from the group. For more data, visit

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