PacketMicro Announces Rugged Gigahertz Probe for RF and Power Integrity Testing

PacketMicro declares the new increments of RF test and alignment substrate to its HSProbeTM item family for printed-circuit board testing. Planned by architects for designers, the 12-GHz test contains tough BeCu test tips, making it ideal for RF and power-respectability testing that requires coordinate examining on top of circuit segments or test cushions on an uneven surface.

"Constant contracting size of circuit parts makes binding semi-inflexible RF links to test gigahertz circuits impractical," said Richard Zai, PacketMicro CTO. "The tough RF test and alignment substrate permit architects to perform test tip adjustment for precise and dreary RF measurements."

HSProbeTM family is particularly intended for seat best testing of huge PCBs. The RF test comes in five diverse test pitches, and the adjustment substrate (TCS50) gives the SOLT norms to test tip alignment. Together, the RF tests (RP-GR-1215 arrangement), PCB holder (VPH100 arrangement) and Flex Positioner (TP60) are perfect for S-Parameter and TDR estimations required in RF, control honesty, and flag respectability estimations. If you don’t mind stop by Booth#742 at DesignCon 2014 held at Santa Clause Clara Tradition Center, Santa Clause Clara, California on January 29 – 30, 2014, for item exhibition.

Item Data

For RF Test:

RP-GR-121502, 12 GHz, 1.5", 0.2 mm pitch

RP-GR-121505, 12 GHz, 1.5", 0.5 mm pitch

RP-GR-121508, 12 GHz, 1.5", 0.8 mm pitch

RP-GR-121510, 12 GHz, 1.5", 1.0 mm pitch

For Alignment substrate:


All items are accessible now for buy at

About PacketMicro

PacketMicro, situated in Silicon Valley, gives an extensive variety of gigahertz examining arrangements and offers world-class flag honesty configuration administrations. What’s more, PacketMicro offers one-quit designing administrations in the territories of remote sensor systems, radio recurrence distinguishing proof (RFID), and fast FPGA. For more data, please visit For more data about HSProbe product offering, please visit


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