Omer Pasha Music Videos Have Now Become “Officially Canadian Content” After Recently Receiving a CRTC Certification, Qualifying Them Now As “Canadian Program” in the CRTC Music Video Category.

“Omer Pasha Music Recordings (Vancouver Affair Release)” a 4 hour program of 40 music recordings was authoritatively qualified as Canadian substance by the Canadian Radio-TV and Media communications Commission CRTC on April 28, 2014.

Confirmation No. C36770

Logging Class 08C

Focuses Accomplished 9/9

Time Credit 100%

Omer Pasha Music Recordings (Vancouver Affair Release)

1. Vancouver Evenings

2. The Reviled Questions of Vancouver (Burrard St. Blend)

3. Agony to Penelope ( Vancouver Release)

4. Cherished (Vancouver YVR Release)

5. The Reviled Questions of Vancouver (New West. Blend)

6. The Reviled Questions of Vancouver (Surrey Blend)

7. The Cal Team (Vancouver Release) Fundamental Mixture

8. All The Padcams

9. Agony’s Bad dream

10. Lodging Lounge

11. Red Dreams

12. Leo’s Club (Caucasian Love Returned)

13. Bennie’s Reality

14. Blue Sapphire (Variety)

15. Jeanie (Jace & Max Radio Blend)

16. Who Are You Conundrums (Melrose Club Blend)

17. Who Are You (Glendale Blue Toys Club Blend)

18. Rockstar Torment Theo

19. Frathouse Movement

20. Midnight Predictions

21. Jeanie Say Vassup

22. The Spirit of Cole

23. Max’s Reality (Radio Blend)

24. The Ascent of Shay (Radio Blend 2)

25. The Spirit of Cole (Principle Variety)

26. The Revile Conundrums (Orange Province Club Blend)

27. The Cal Group (Caucasian Love Returned) (Blow out Blend 2)

28. Who Are You (Glendale Rave Blend)

29. You Let it Come (Radio Blend)

30. Shayda I Require White Meat

31. You Let it Come

32. Steam House (AM Blend)

33. The Cal Team (Moonlight Blend)

34. Miss Asspussy Shay Florida

35. Blue Sapphire

36. 1am Penthouse Gathering (AM Blend)

37. Penthouse

38. You Let it Come (Jesus Plunge)

39. The Cal Group (Caucasian Love Returned) Fundamental Variety

40. The Waterways Mixture 3 (Christ Feelings)

Omer Pasha Music Recordings Debut Area Date City

Omer Pasha Music Recordings Debut Pink Thai October 2012 Vancouver, BC

Omer Pasha Music Recordings Debut Chinois November 2012 Vancouver, BC

Omer Pasha Music Recordings Premiere Fortune Sound Club November 2012 Vancouver, BC

Omer Pasha Music Recordings Debut Pink Thai December 2012 Vancouver, BC

Omer Pasha Music Recordings Debut Republic Dance club January 2013 Vancouver, BC

Omer Pasha Music Recordings Debut Vancouver Fanclub May 2013 Vancouver, BC

Despite the fact that central photography of this release started in December 2009 in West Vancouver. The main music video of this release “Who Are You (Glendale Blue Toys Club Blend)” was done and created in July 2010 and the last music video of this version “Red Dreams (Official Music Video)” was recorded and delivered in Surrey, in Walk 2014. The title/principle track and primary music video from “Omer Pasha Music Recordings (Vancouver Celebration Version)” is “The Spirit of Cole (Fundamental Mixture)” delivered in 2013 with its introduction debut occurring at Vancouver Fanclub in May 2013 in Vancouver, BC. Omer Pasha started his initial vocation in film making in 2003 in Pakistan.

Omer Pasha Music Recordings (Vancouver Function Version) is currently accessible for permitting to organizations inside Canada just to Canadian TV , supporters and diversion wholesalers. A duplicate of the whole program is accessible on youtube in High caliber and HD. It is likewise accessible on Blu Beam upon demand.

Omer Pasha Music Recordings (Vancouver Celebration Version) :

Finish rundown of performers/on-screen characters and creation credits;

1. Omer Pasha

2. Farhat Pasha

3. Jenna Jream

4. Matt Turner

5. Christopher Daniels

6. Nastasha Langmann

7. Dustin Eleason

8. Brandan Nelson

9. Brent Beam Fraser

10. Jason Barbour

11. Mish Kleider

12. Martina Paig

13. Whitney Starr

14. Christopher Golaiy

15. Vendella Sonia

16. Kim Reso

17. Jordan

18. Nakita Allen

19. Shelley Chestnut

20. Brittany Lewis

21. Brett Bennell

22. Brandon

23. Shannon Ostrom

Shooting Areas:

Surrey, Vancouver, BC

Waterfront Station, Vancouver, BC

Granville Road, Vancouver, BC

22nd Road Skytrain Station, Vancouver, BC

Brockton Oval, Vancouver, BC

Stanley Stop, Vancouver, BC

North Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

Lonsdale Quay, Vancouver, BC

Farhat Pasha Creations

Vancouver, BC

All Rights Held

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