North River Outfitter and Mass Eye and Ear Invite Locals to Join in Sending the Marathon Runners Off

Meet the Runners from Group Eye and Ear

Will McNamara,

A Group Eye and Ear veteran, Will McNamara gives back this April for his ninth Boston Marathon! Will endured a mountain biking mischance in Vail, Colorado 10 years back where amid surgery he endured a stroke to the optic nerve in both eyes, abandoning him legitimately visually impaired. Today Will and his better half, Alexis, live cheerfully in Sommerville with their two pooches. This year Will keeps running with the goal that one day the exploration the McNamara’s support will help reestablish his vision.

“Dr. Joseph Rizzo at Mass Eye and Ear has given me the motivation to push ahead in my life in the wake of losing my sight,” Will clarifies. “It gives me an incredible feeling to be a piece of this group!”

His Face cloth Number is 25316


Kerryn Doherty,

Two years of running for an incredible cause-and the energy still develops! Kerryn keeps running as a major aspect of Group Eye and Ear to raise reserves for the propelling exploration in the Neuro-Ophthalmology Division. As a previous patient, Kerryn knows direct how noteworthy this Boston Doctor’s facility really is, and rushes to offer back to the doctoring group that so decidedly affected her life. Kerryn has been a Boston occupant for more than 10 years and as of now lives in the South End.

Her Kiddie apron Number is 30069

Continues from today’s occasion will profit Eye and Ear.

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