New Phoenix Company Creates An “Impossible” Solution For Diabetes & Neuropathy Pain Sufferers

Extreme Foot Assurance, another Arizona social insurance item mark, has made an extraordinary, lightweight, and agreeable shoe insole [strong enough to stop the infiltration of a blade, a nail or a screw] with the end goal of securing the feet of neuropathy sufferers; the brand is utilizing a Kickstarter crusade to offer enormous funds for early adopters amid the brand dispatch.

“It appeared to be unimaginable at to begin with, however we needed to make a material that resembled nothing else available in light of the fact that there’s a colossal and developing requirement for another level of foot insurance,” clarified Extreme Foot Assurance’s leader, Geoff Mackey.

“There’s a wide exhibit of potential applications, however we needed to concentrate first on helping sufferers of agonizing fringe neuropathy, which incorporates many individuals living with diabetes, Parkinson’s infection, immune system ailments, tumors, among numerous other difficult issue and sicknesses,” said Mackey.

Extreme Foot Security is a stand-out, patent pending arrangement. There is no genuine direct contender for this item.

Extreme Foot Security made a Kickstarter crusade to offer a path for supporters to get the insole item sooner than retail and different roads, and also an approach to demonstrate its appreciation to the brand’s initial adopters as liberal reserve funds.

The brand’s Kickstarter video demonstrates Mackey believing his own particular item enough to step straightforwardly on a nail, a blade, and broken glass. The nail twists, the blade softens up half and the broken glass causes no damage. This showing can likewise be performed on live television for news and way of life projects.

Different businesses in which Extreme Foot Insurance will give included security incorporate, yet is not elite to: development, crisis administrations, ranger service administrations, military, and cultivating.

Extreme FOOT Security is another social insurance item organization situated in Phoenix, AZ. Established in 2016, its main goal is to diminish the quantity of removals for neuropathy sufferers while at the same time bringing another level of genuine insurance to individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds.

To take in more data about Extreme Foot Assurance, or to plan a meeting with Geoff Mackey, please email or call: 520.250.3611

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