MyTCase Protects Your Television in Transit, Viewing at Home Patios and Onsite Tailgating

As a long-term football fan, Theron Pickens has seen the closely following knowledge change essentially during that time with the coming of web based spilling and versatile satellites making TVs more predominant. Pickens knew there must be a superior answer for transporting TVs, and in addition shielding them from the components. Having put in 30 years as a structural specialist, Pickens put in two years consummating the plan and assembling the MyTcase (beforehand known as the television TOC Box).

The TV bearer has been incorporated on Tailgater Magazine’s “Apparatus Begrudge” list for the forthcoming football season. The transporter is only accessible for buy online at; with retail location declarations coming soon.

The MyTcase fills that crevice for purchasers who need to bring their television with them or to put in an open air yard or hang in the carport without spending fundamentally more for a claim to fame television or climate tight fenced in area. The lightweight defensive walled in area takes into consideration ensuring and viewing a standard locally acquired television without expelling it from the crate. Made in the USA, from high effect ABS, it’s intended to convey most Driven TVs from 32 – 43″.

“The MyTcase enables purchasers to ensure their TVs while enabling them to make the most of their television where they need to be,” said Pickens. “We’ve been offering chiefly through verbal exchange for as long as year and are really energized for our national buyer dispatch at the National Equipment Appear.”

Notwithstanding having a stall at the 2017 National Equipment Appear in Las Vegas on May 9-11, the MyTcase was chosen to be incorporated into the Tailgater Magazine open air show to engage participants at the show.

Applying similar standards used to secure telephones, the MyTcase gives extreme insurance to your television. The transporter offers a quality and moderate other option to focused items offering complete climate assurance, enabling TVs to be left in the sun or rain. The one of a kind plan of the MyTcase gives a strong defensive shell around your television and the convey handle pivots and is secured to the coordinated feet under the case, giving a steady support. Not at all like most plastic platforms that are incorporated with the buy of your television, this stand stays stable in the harshest winds or in a domain that may make it be knock. Furthermore, the front defensive cover changes over into a shield that screens away the sun and rain.

The transporter is solely accessible for buy for $249.99 online at; with retail location declarations coming soon.


P2 Operations, LLC is an inventive organization concentrated on reforming the open air yard and closely following industry. The MyTcase was created to store and transport TVs. The lightweight defensive fenced in area takes into account sitting in front of the television without removing it from the container. For more data about MyTcase, please visit the organization’s site at

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