Mother Plug Music Celebrates Online Launch with Avondale Brewery Show

Birmingham music fans will get an opportunity to show up and delight in the scene this June when Mother Plug Music has New Orleans band The Pentecostals and Ohio unique Patrick Sweany at Avondale Bottling works. The occasion will praise the dispatch of Mother Attachment Music, an imaginative new online center point for the Birmingham music group, and will be the primary possibility for neighborhood scene devotees to blend with the makers disconnected.

Mother Plug Music is the brainchild of Josh Matthews, roused by a lifetime saturated with the Birmingham music scene and by seeing its late blast in development firsthand. The site offers a free citywide cross-setting music occasion schedule and a stage for group driven substance including collection audits, occasion advancements, unique publication takes, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

“There’s a considerable measure of rivalry in Birmingham’s music scene now,” Matthews clarifies. “Groups are truly competing for individuals’ ears. I recall the day there may be 2 or 3 better than average demonstrates that would come through over the span of a month- – now it’s 2 or 3 throughout seven days.”

This scene development is awesome for groups and music fans alike, however it presents interesting difficulties: groups may have a harder time achieving fans through the commotion, and fans may think that its difficult to stay aware of shows without stopping up their inboxes with subscribed email mailers from each setting around the local area. Mother Plug Music is intended to get a move on as a one-stop look for all things music-related in Birmingham.

The June 26 show is both a welcome and an affection letter to the lively Birmingham scene that Mother Plug Music wants to draw and bolster, and the groups are melodic substantial hitters. The Evangelist have a rowdy in front of an audience vitality and a sound that makes the most out of the expansion of horns and steel guitar to a customary shake setup. Patrick Sweany conveys a flexible blend of impacts to the table and is probably going to interest devotees of acts like The Dark Keys, Jack White, and Jimbo Mathis.

Tickets go on special Friday, May 29 at 10 AM CST at

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