Morton’s Auctioneers Fall Sale:Taylor Swift, Willie Nelson, Cher & Barbara Streisand All Fans of These Finds!

On September 17 , 2016, Morton Salespeople Artistic work Deal will have the principal official sale of fall 2016. Among a wide assortment of compelling artwork and collectibles commended craftsman Subside Max’s numbered unique serigraph of Mickey & Minnie Mouse is really an uncommon find. Max was not just the official craftsman for the 2006 U.S. Olympic Group however was dispatched to do signature bits of Willie Nelson, Taylor Quick & Shaquille O’Neil. A memorabilia store committed to Max’s work is situated in Las Vegas Caesar Royal residence. For the youthful on a fundamental level, adornments creator Erte, 18 karat yellow gold emerald and precious stone heart pendant. There has just been 250 pendants ever constructed and his big name authorities incorporate singing legends, Cher and Barbara Streisand.

Students of history are humming over this next bit of Texas-Mexico history. From 1842, a real banner catch amid Mexico’s fight against Texas is available to be purchased The offering war for this thing has as of now began.

To the extent different Texas legends go, oilman and traveler Henry B. Harkins Jr., satisfied his notoriety for being an eager safari and wild amusement seeker. Morton’s has gained his broad accumulation of completely mounted Alaskan cocoa bear, a wildcat, a wildebeest, a primate, a cape bison and a warthog among others from his gathering.

These things and other significant centerpieces will be accessible at closeout on September 17, 2016 start at 11 a.m.

The deal is presently on view in the Morton Salespeople showroom Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.All deals are interested in people in general where light refreshments will be served, as dependably no earlier reservation is required, and the total offer of many pieces is accessible to see online at

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For meetings, media passes, or other media interests please contact, Meagan Hanson (281) 781-4435,, or Michelle Lamont (214) 228-9135.

Sell off Things

For inquiries up for sale things please contact, Katie Harris at (713) 827-7835 or email her

A HAND-Sewed MEXICAN Fight STANDARD, assess $2,500-3,500

Supposedly caught by the General Alexander Somervell Endeavor at Camargo, Mexico, around 1842, this fight standard is saturated with history. Delineating the National Emblem, it is an uncommon representation of Mexico and Texas’ unpredictable past.


Subside Max’s work is conspicuous globally. His splendid hues, preoccupied ideas consolidated with his remarkable point of view make his works an unquestionable requirement have for any authority. While Max’s work can be discovered both in sale and in displays an open offering of both Minnie and Mickey Mouse is uncommon. What makes these pieces considerably more unique is that they are both numbered 116 out of 500 in the release by the craftsman.

An Assortment OF TAXIDERMY, gauge ranges $100-150 up to $2,500-3,500

An exceptional assortment of taxidermy parts from the Bequest of Henry B. Harkins, Jr., Houston, Texas an existence of-the-gathering oilman and explorer who delighted in diversion chasing in Africa, bear chasing in Russia and Gold country, and race auto driving at Bondurant. We are satisfied to offer a full-mount Alaskan chestnut bear, a wildcat, a wildebeest, a monkey, a cape bison and a warthog among others from Mr. Harkins’ gathering.

A 18 KARAT YELLOW GOLD EMERALD AND Precious stone HEART PENDANT BY ERTE, Restricted Version 20/250, Around 1984

“Secrets of the Heart” is an exceptionally proper name for this masterpiece pendant. Considered in 1984 in a marked restricted release of 250 pieces by Erte, a standout amongst the best craftsmen of the Craftsmanship Deco period. The heart pendant is perfectly made in 18K yellow gold with rotating silk and splendid clean completes the process of, making profundity and development. The strongly green emerald eyes and the flawlessly set jewels question mark, are an impression of “hidden” sentiment that investigates our mystery feelings. In addition to the fact that this is pendant a radiant bit of adornments to possess; it likewise has a recognized provenance from the gathering of Dr. Lyn Robertson, Houston, Texas.

Morton Salespeople

Luis Lopez Morton established Morton Salespeople in 1988, first opening as an antique exhibition in Mexico City, Mexico. Morton Subastas is the biggest sales management firm in Focal and South America. Morton Salespeople is additionally the main Sales management firm in Houston, and presently holds the city’s most elevated sale record with the offer of a Chinese Royal Vase for $930,000. Morton Barkers is situated at 4901 Richmond Road, Houston TX 77027.

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