Mel Schwartz Sleeps with Mae West – MadCap Musical Comedy of Errors with Transgender Twist World Premiere

Cherish, desire, exes, and transgender part perplexity crash in this goofy melodic satire making its reality debut at Andrews Living Expressions Theater in Fortress Lauderdale. Mel Schwartz Lays down With Mae West is the tale of a homophobic senior native living in Miami Shoreline in 1981 who is shocked to find that his lovely special lady of the previous five years used to take care of business. On the off chance that that wasn’t sufficient, it turns out his transgender paramour is really the departed offspring of his deep rooted companion, Milty. At the point when Milty discovers that his child is presently a girl and that Mel’s been shtupping her, tumult results. Prominent comic Sheba Artisan co-stars alongside Michael Kreutz as Mel Schwartz, and a cast of six, in this fun new classless indecent show penned by Ginger Reiter (The Jackie Bricklayer Melodic, Solomon’s 700 Spouses the Melodic).

Mel Schwartz Lays down with Mae West will keep running at Andrews Living Expressions Theater in Ft. Lauderdale from September fifteenth through September 18 and proceeds with September 22 through October 2 at Domain Organize in Ft Lauderdale.

The melodic’s unique score, composed by Ginger Reiter, incorporates the ignoble “Shtupping Your Little girl”, and “Boney-Assed Prostitute” and additionally the impactful “Call It Adore”.


For more data contact: Ginger Reiter (845) 598-2850

Triton Ability is a dramatic generation organization involved a group of performers including VIP/Impressionist/Vocalist Manny Silver, Prevalent Comic Sheba Artisan, and Author/Writer Ginger Reiter.

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