Mediumship Is A Doorway To Christ: Pat Chalfant, Author Of ‘Spirit Lights’ Cites Silver Birch From ‘A Voice In The Wilderness’

Pat Chalfant says Mystic mediumship is truly an entryway to Christ, as Jesus really coordinates the work of Mystics here on earth. This is as per Silver Birch, the acclaimed soul direct who addressed at the Hannen Swaffer week after week seances in London for a long time. This claim originates from ‘A Voice in the Wild,’ one of a progression of Silver Birch books portraying the daze mediumship of Maurice Barbanell.

Barbanell, once in the past a cynic, who set out to uncover the Mystic “fakery” advanced by gatherings like the Hannen Swaffer assemble, discovered his reality flipped around when he got up one day apologizing for resting in a psychic meeting he was going to with the reason for uncovering its fakery. Rather, he was told by individuals accumulated around him that he himself had quite recently talked in daze as “Thy Indian Hireling”, Silver Birch, before the very mediumship gathering he had intended to uncover.

Maurice Barbanell established the ‘Psychic News’, the celebrated internationally English Mystic distribution through which the expressions of Silver Birch were conveyed to the world for a considerable length of time. He hid his way of life as the medium through whom Silver Birch talked in the pages of the Psychic News trusting individuals would dismiss the message in the event that they found the editorial manager was really the medium who offered voice to Silver Birch.

Pat’s uplifting book, ‘Soul Lights A Way To Mediumship’, clarifies how Pat, a genuine cynic with respect to such matters, created mediumship capacities and now carries on with an existence changed by the otherworldly. Mediumship is a dubious issue and Pat comprehends this, yet she likewise trusts that sound mediumship holds the guarantee of genuine advantages for humankind that have not been completely investigated.

Notwithstanding offering one-on-one customer conferences, Congratulatory gesture has penned the ‘Soul Lights Tune Book’ and three of those melodies are in the National Mystic Relationship of Houses of worship psalm book. There are tests of the words and music on her site,, and ‘Soul Lights’ tune books available to be purchased there, as well. She does readings for customers by telephone and shows mediumship improvement classes. She has likewise made a DVD entitled ‘Soul Lights Advancement DVD’.

Pat Chalfant’s Youtube channel is presently accessible at

Congratulate Chalfant is at present showing up on The Creators Appear. Her meeting is accessible now at The Creators Indicate site. ‘Soul Lights A Way To Mediumship’ is accessible at her site and at Amazon. Pat is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data underneath or by email at She is additionally accessible for moving addresses. More data can be found at her site at

Oregon Mystic Medium Pat Chalfant’s astonishing psychic endowments have helped many people around the world. Praise has composed a section on parapsychology and talked with Hollywood stars and the psychics who read for them for a national daily paper. Different points she’s educated and expounded on are: past life treatment, passing and kicking the bucket, the Edgar Cayce work, the Cathars, and Profound mending.

The Relationship for Past Life Research and Treatments pamphlet distributed a progression of her meetings with specialists, clinicians, and trance specialists who were all west drift pioneers of past life treatment. Pat trusts that arrangement is bound to wind up distinctly a book.

She instructs universally on the web and discontinuously has an online Mystic circle, Soul Lights House of prayer.

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