“Life Is Better Now,” Say The Barcegas, New Buyers at LivingSmart Homes Fair Oaks Ranch in Santa Clarita, California

Home customers can have many motivations to purchase. Money related advantages. Exceeding the old space. A yearning for redesigned designs and elements. Quality schools.

However whether it’s the new home’s area, size, plan or elements, the genuine primary concern of a choice this huge is dictated by a straightforward question: Will this move enhance our lives?

For Joseph and Maria Barcega, the answer is a reverberating yes, because of their new home pick at Pardee Homes’ LivingSmart Homes at Reasonable Oaks Farm in Santa Clause Clarita. They shut escrow November 27, in the nick of time to commence the 2013 occasions.

“We observed Thanksgiving at the house on November 28, and had the greater part of our siblings and sisters over,” said Joseph. “We dozed in the main room on our inflatable ruler estimate bed, and little by little we moved things in!”

The Barcegas are occupied experts. Joseph is a senior an information base developer for an aviation organization in Sylmar, while Maria is a clinical lab researcher in an unmistakable HMO in North Hollywood. They are likewise the pleased guardians of a little child girl and expecting another infant, a child, this June.

Prepared to leave their apartment suite in Newhall, they made a careful inquiry of their best decisions in new, withdrew homes, scouting Valencia, Gorge Nation and different districts in Santa Clause Clarita. The choice to run with another home at Reasonable Oaks Farm depended on many reasons they could post in the “life change” segment.

“We needed to live in a group where we could stroll around without stress, a place where the parks and other recreational decisions are anything but difficult to get to and simple to appreciate,” said Joseph. “Reasonable Oaks Farm does that for our family, and that is critical.”

An eye on the future likewise implied discovering quality schools, and having an all around positioned K-6 ideal in the group was a major in addition to. “Our little girl will be there before we know it, and we’re certain she will get the advantages of an okay school,” said Maria.

And after that, there was the home itself. Arrange One, a trendy two-story with roughly 1,846 square feet of living space.

“At the point when strolling through the front entryway, we quickly felt like this is home!” said Joseph. “The parlor’s high roof and openness is unquestionably a highlight, also the chimney that turns on with a switch! The stream of strolling starting with one region then onto the next was quite recently flawless, and our lawn is exceptionally decent in size.”

Joseph and Maria likewise found a large group of seemingly insignificant details that additional up to a major change over life in the old apartment suite. “The updates make everyday living simpler, for example, our implicit turn around osmosis framework for drinking water,” noted Joseph. “Some time recently, we used to convey many containers to the water store, top them off and convey back home. Indeed, not any longer! Our icebox’s water and ice containers are even associated with the framework.”

Likewise extremely satisfying are the many included elements. “A ton of elements that are additional items elsewhere came standard at Living Shrewd, for example, the rock ledges, a stove, microwave and dishwasher all with a stainless steel complete, and tile flooring in the eating territory, kitchen and ace shower,” said Maria. “These things are both helpful and sumptuous, and we adore them.”

Sparing cash on utilities is another extravagance the Barcegas are getting a charge out of. “The most noteworthy element of our house is its sun oriented boards,” said Joseph. “Our electric bill midpoints $12 every month and when we create more power than we utilize, the electric organization will even give us credit.”

With home and area highlights indicating Yes, the Barcegas got their work done on Pardee Homes. “Pardee’s notoriety assumed a tremendous part in our choice,” said Joseph. “Some of my dear companions around there have houses built up a few years prior by Pardee; they are as yet living in these homes, and still extremely upbeat about that.”

Working with Pardee Homes just expanded the Barcegas’ trust in their choice, and they are enchanted to name names.

“Ben Romzek, Lexi Perez, Jennie Rickert, Mike Carrillo, Rick Johnson, Junior Tinoco and Omar Vallejo (Wells Fargo) are such magnificent individuals to have worked with throughout our home purchasing and building- – completely exceptional!” said Joseph. “They were with us consistently the whole procedure a pleasurable experience. Also, obviously, it was truly fun going over the alternatives and assembling the house the way we might want it to be!”

Presently easily settled, the Barcegas are obviously happy with their choice to buy at LivingSmart Homes. “The best part is realizing that we are in an awesome group with brilliant neighbors in another and exceptionally practical house, where when you return home from work, you can calmly inhale, grin and say, ‘I’m home,'” said Joseph.

“We have a sign in our entrance that says ‘Home is the place our story starts,’ a blessing from our brother by marriage guardians,” he included. “Pardee Homes made our blessing from heaven, and this in reality is the place our story starts!”

To achieve Reasonable Oaks Farm, leave the 14 Road North at By means of Princessa and turn right. Turn left at Lost Ravine Street and take after signs to LivingSmart Homes. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day aside from Wednesdays, 1 to 6 p.m. Call 661-299-5409. Pardee Homes offers representative community; call for points of interest. See www.pardeehomes.com.

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