Kokilico Launches Storybook App “1Day1Book” for Prenatal Education

Pre-birth instruction organization Kokilico reported it propelled a storybook application called “1Day1Book.” It contains stories in Korean and English.

Kokilico said 1Day1Book contains in regards to 200 stories for pre-birth instruction that are likewise converted into English, with expectations of achieving clients outside Korea too.

1Day1Book is a savvy application that is made for guardians who need pre-birth training to their unborn kids however don’t care for purchasing books, for they have a short life.

The application comprises of a program that is intended to have the guardians read 180 books for six months, from four-month to a month ago of pregnancy. By downloading the application, the clients can read 30 books for as low as 9,900 KRW every month. The unborn youngsters will have the capacity to listen to various stories each time the guardians read for them.

There is a wide assortment of classes of books accessible, for example, Korean stories, remote stories, nature, cognizance, and tales. Around 300 books from surely understood distributers like Applebee Distributing, Jakkajungsin, Kinderland, and Namusun are enrolled in the application, helping the youngsters to create innovativeness, feelings, and EQ.

It additionally can record the voice as it is playing. It is an exceptional innovation from Kokilico that is licensed. This helps the mother and tyke assemble an uncommon bond and create social aptitudes.

Kim Yong-hwan, the Chief of Kokilico, stated, “We will present 1Day1Book in Beijing Global Book Reasonable this year to meet the neighborhood individuals there and are hoping to get extraordinary surveys from the Chinese market.”

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