Is The Pope’s Appeal for ‘Common Good’ Catholic And Against The Inalienable Rights Of The US Constitution Asks Dr. Richard Ruhling

“The center of the pope’s message could be summed up in ‘Participation for the Basic Good’…a Roman Catholic standard and…governing methodology,” said US Representative Weave Casey in the Circumstances Tribune on September 26, 2015.

In a piece in the LA Times, the pope stated, “Legislative issues is a declaration of our convincing need to live as one, keeping in mind the end goal to work as one the best normal great: that of a group which penances specific interests with a specific end goal to share, in equity and peace, its products, its interests, its social life.”

In his encyclical, Laudato Si’, part of the pope’s plan included Sunday, an issue that was before the US Congress when a Sunday bill was wrangled by AT Jones. Jones asked, “What then again is the ‘benefit of all’?” It is an inconclusive term. Every individual characterizes it to however him whims may dictate. Government characterizes it to suit themselves…In Peru, up to this point, it was thought to be for the benefit of all that no Protestant wedding services ought to be perceived as legitimate by the state. In Spain it was for the benefit of everyone that Protestants ought not be permitted to venerate in chapel structures. The rundown of occurrences in which individual rights have been attacked under the supplication of the benefit of everyone may be amplified uncertainly.”

Jones proceeded: “And for what object is this impediment looked to be put upon characteristic rights? A citation from the late hearing on the Sunday charges before the Massachusetts council will clarify. A speaker in the interest of the [Sunday] bills stated: “When we talk about common rights, it must be with constraints. Characteristic privileges of the person in the group are subordinate to the benefit of all. Sabbath laws [Sunday laws] have been turned out to be for the benefit of everyone.”

Why does Rome need a Sunday law? Unquestionably not for the poor in this world. The pope knows about the destitution seen in most Latin American nations colonized by ministers when America was established, says Dr. Richard Ruhling who spent a mid year in Colombia and Venezuela in 1960. He says God favored America with a Constitution that kept religious interests out of government as opposed to Rome’s control of governments which they lost in the Protestant Reconstruction and when Napoleon took the pope prisoner.

Ruhling claims that Rome gets respect from Protestants who respect Sunday, an ecclesiastical foundation that depends on chapel power as opposed to the Book of scriptures. The “primary day” (Sunday) is discovered just once in the book of Acts rather than the witnesses’ practice “each Sabbath”. This video offers bits of knowledge –

Once a Sunday law is passed, dissenters to Rome might be rebuffed for resistance – a sign of Disclosure’s monster control and 666, flagged additionally by the pope’s hand sign, says Ruhling, including that most Protestants are confused to these issues. Likewise, Jews and Sabbatarian’s have to practice insight with respect to Rome’s arrangement for Another World Request that Disclosure 13 calls the picture to [or of] the monster…

“At the point when the time comes and men understand the social building must be revamped by principles, be it tomorrow or hundreds of years from now, the Catholics will orchestrate things to suit said standards…They will make compulsory the religious recognition of Sunday for the benefit of the entire of society and for its own particular great, repudiating the allow for freethinkers and Jews to praise undercover, Monday or Saturday all alone record. Those, whom this may disturb, should endure the inconvenience. Regard won’t be declined to the Maker nor rest denied to the animal just for humoring certain crazy people, whose frantic condition causes them moronically and disrespectfully to hinder the will of an entire people.” The Liberal Deception, by Louis Veuillot

To “respect…the Maker” whose dedication to Creation is the Sabbath of the fourth Edict by regarding the agnostic day of sun love (from the times of Constantine when the pope favored Sunday) appears to be odd to Ruhling who says Disclosure 13 infers Americans will lose their “basic rights” to this ecclesiastical motivation, just for “the benefit of all.” Inconvenience will come to America.

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