Interserve, Inc. Launches New Logo, Signals Brand Evolution

Interserve, Joined, a main promoting show organization for developers, customer and equipment markets, today propelled an invigorate of its corporate image, divulging another logo. Interserve’s new image character speaks to the organization’s central goal to empower consistent, incorporated marketing administrations for the outline, make and satisfaction of item examining units, purpose of-procurement showcases, promoting apparatuses and retail installations.

“The dispatch of our new image logo commences an energizing new period at Interserve and truly addresses our identity as an organization – multidimensional, element, and present day,” said Susan Laten, Interserve’s general chief. “We’re pleased to be on top of things in a quickly evolving industry, and our new image character passes on how far Interserve has come in its 50-year history. We’ve developed from a little wood fabricating office to a multifaceted maker of a regularly expanding assortment of showcases and marketing helps in businesses running from car items and toys to equipment and building supplies.”

For over five decades, Interserve has been conveying creative items and advancements for brands and retailers the nation over, utilizing the ability to make an extensive variety of items in house, as opposed to subcontracting item producing. This range incorporates tests, test units, fan decks, signs, wallboards, counter shows, and floor shows. As a solitary hotspot for item examining packs and shows, Interserve is a perfect accomplice to bolster Fortune 500 organizations’ advertising programs. Coordinated outline, assembling and satisfaction projects are carefully fit to fit its clients’ specific needs.

The new logo, reminiscent of a current housetop structure, is a lively new go up against Interserve’s earlier logo, which spoke to the organization for about three decades. It likewise mirrors the organization’s late 2013 securing by driving purpose of-procurement show maker Joined Displaycraft, situated in Des Plaines, Illinois.

“The advancement of Interserve’s image character grandstands the association as a capable, demonstrated and dynamic plan and assembling organization at the focal point of an undeniably complex industry,” said Rich Carrigan, President of Joined Displaycraft. “Interserve’s items and administrations make associations between driving brands and the customers who require them. The rehash of the logo symbolizes a regularly advancing soul at Interserve and our dedication to enhancing, planning and delivering successful arrangements, all under one rooftop.”

To better mirror the development of its business and the business sectors it serves, Intrserve is additionally arranging a relaunch if its corporate site in the not so distant future. While the brand, logo and site are changing to better speak to what the organization is today, Interserve’s strategic offer continues as before – to influence its special, in-house blend of assembling abilities, plan assets and profound industry skill to create promoting arrangements that interface brands to customers in capable ways.


Situated in Belvidere, Illinois, Interserve, Inc. serves an assortment of Fortune 500 assembling and retail customers as a main supplier of marketing presentations. Interserve gives a full scope of item marketing backing to the building items/manufacturers’ equipment enterprises, including shows, item tests, and satisfaction programs. With over 50 years of promoting knowledge, Interserve has built up the capacity to make an extensive variety of items in house, instead of subcontracting item producing. Interserve, Inc. is a pleased division of Des Plaines, Illinois-based Joined Displaycraft, a main purpose of-procurement show maker.

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