Independent Presidential Candidate Ken Fields Congratulates Bernie Sanders on His New Hampshire Win

With the New Hampshire primaries formally over and Bernie Sanders winning against Hillary Clinton in what must be depicted as an avalanche, where the Vermont Representative took in very nearly 59% of the vote, Autonomous Presidential Competitor and specialist Ken Fields offers his heart felt congrats to Sanders.

“I have been a major fanatic of Sanders for a long while and much more so as of late as I’ve watched and perused about the different goings on along the New Hampshire battle field. While the GOP hopefuls have kept on parading their jokester portable over the State and Trump specifically, his image of derisive and irate talk, Sanders has turned out to be an intense warrior, and a genuine man of honor.” Fields highlighted a specific occurrence where Sanders let some know of his more vocal and forceful supporters, the BernieBro’s that he didn’t need their “poop” and that they ought to “be aware when individuals can’t help contradicting you.”

“My mom, who was likewise an alum of James Madison High in Brooklyn, showed me to regard different people groups sentiments and give them reasonable say regardless of the possibility that we didn’t concur with them. I may not really concur with Representative Sanders governmental issues but rather I concur with his message.”

Fields enrolled as a free hopeful by documenting his FEC Shape 2 on November 30th 2015 to concur with the opening of the Paris Atmosphere talks. The reason for his crusade is to attract thoughtfulness regarding and advocate for the US to change over to 100 percent renewable vitality in 20 years.

Ken Fields is an agent, business visionary and natural promoter. He is a free presidential possibility for 2016.

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