Iconic Black Panther Celebrates 50 Years of the Black Panthers – Ground Breaking Art Exhibit to Open in Oakland, California the Birthplace of the Black Panther Party October 7, 2016

Fifty years of a notable legacy in American history will be praised in the gathering craftsmanship display Notorious Dark Puma. The show opens October 7, 2016 at the American Steel Studios in Oakland, California and closes November 6, 2016. The Dark Jaguar Gathering was an impetus for an across the country ground swell in the 1960s in the African American neighborhoods to engage their group by making free nourishment programs, free centers and the sky is the limit from there. The display will include more than forty specialists from the Cove Zone and across the nation of all races. Big name supporters incorporate Influence Calloway, Danny Glover, Danny Simmons and Fab 5 Freddy. The show is delivered by SEPIA Craftsmanship Aggregate. One of the custodians of the effective gathering display in 2014 in Los Angeles, Rosalind McGary depicts the motivation behind the show, “This is the opportune time, and perhaps our last possibility, to thank these men and ladies for their penances, for the substantial weights they went up against in their childhood, and for the lifetimes of administration that regularly took after, for our purpose.”

About the show: Famous: Dark Jaguar is multi-city artistic work display. Every city will have a curated show including basically nearby specialists alongside globally famous craftsmen and unique workmanship from establishing Dark Pumas. This craftsmanship display commends the notorious part of the Dark Puma party in American History in the course of recent years. Oakland, California is the origin of the gathering and is the area of the inaugural show. Affirmed craftsmen include: Emory Douglas, Dr. Samella Lewis, Tarika Lewis, Bugsy Malone, Kristine Mays, Shepard Fairey, James Gayles, Karen Seneferu, Fab 5 Freddy and Pablo Cristi. The opening gathering is Friday, October seventh. A few group occasions are arranged consistently: October fifteenth, “Showing Party History to the People to come” round table directed by Dr. Ula Taylor and Dr. Rickey Vincent of UC Berkeley; October 22nd “Political Detainees and the Vanguard Jaguars”, a Puma round table dialog, affirmed members incorporate Hank Jones of the San Francisco 8, Michael McCarty of Chicago Pumas and Robert Johnson of the Compton Jaguars; November 4-6 shutting end of the week merriments. A bit of the returns go to the craftsmen and Dark Puma graduated class in need and their families. The show and writing computer programs is delivered by SEPIA Craftsmanship Aggregate in organization with Ankh Showcasing and the East Oakland Youth Advancement Center at the American Steel Studios, 1960 Mandela Road, Oakland, California 94607. The show is being curated by McGary and Kelly Paschal-Seeker.

For more data about the show visit www.facebook.com/sepia-aggregate. For media request contact April Surging, 310-987-7318 or April@RushingMedia.com.

Sepia Group is a Los Angeles based craftsmanship aggregate that produces and accomplices on social workmanship displays and extends. For more data about the show visit www.facebook.com/sepia-aggregate

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