History Associates Salutes the Launch of New Website Celebrating Stories from Human Rights Movements

History Relates, the main U.S. chronicled benefits firm, is satisfied to commend the dispatch of another site from the National Community for Common and Human Rights. The Flexibility Mosaic site highlights the individual stories of people who have assumed a key part in promoting human rights endeavors far and wide, including the advanced Social equality development in America. History Partners gave foundation authentic research, copywriting, and picture securing for the venture.

"The Flexibility Mosaic site brings the historical backdrop of these human rights developments to life in an effective, connecting with way," noted James Lide, VP at History Partners and lead antiquarian on the venture. "These developments turn out to be more genuine and relatable when you watch regular individuals required in these significant minutes recount their stories nearby supporting verifiable symbolism and other related materials that give a more extensive context."

History Partners led recorded research at storehouses around the nation, incorporating files in Washington, D.C. what’s more, Atlanta, GA, to gather pictures, daily paper features, video cuts, and other chronicled sources that supplemented the contemporary meetings of these common and human rights pioneers. They additionally accumulated information for creating infographics and inscription duplicate, and in addition acquiring chose cites for use on the site.

The outwardly staggering site was created through a concede from the Portage Establishment. The venture group included CNN, which recorded oral histories from the ten people chose for their work in human and social equality, and Razorfish, a computerized promoting firm that composed, created, and propelled the site. Visit the site at http://www.freedommosaic.com/.

About The National Place for Common and Human Rights

The National Place for Common and Human Rights looks to share learning about human rights battles far and wide in a way that motivates cautiousness and initiative inside present and future eras. Their new world-class social establishment is under development in the heart of downtown Atlanta at Pemberton Put. Whenever finished, the historical center will show The Morehouse School Martin Luther Ruler, Jr. Accumulation (Lord Papers) and serve as a center point for continuous discourse on an assortment of human rights themes. For more data, visit www.civilandhumanrights.org.

About History Partners

For more than thirty years the antiquarians and annalists at History Partners have exhibited that history is profitable in the market and the commercial center of thoughts. They give proficient authentic research, corporate histories, display content, interpretive arranging, chronicled administrations, records administration, and accumulations administration to customers all through the Unified States and around the globe. History Partners endeavors to be The Best Organization ever, serving corporate, government, legitimate, and philanthropic customers from its central command in Rockville, Maryland, with an office in Brea, California. For more data, call (301) 279-9697 or visit www.historyassociates.com.

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