Helical Robotics Grants Exclusive The Netherlands Distribution of Non-licensed Products to RISQ Robotics

Helical Mechanical technology and RISQ Apply autonomy declared today that RISQ Apply autonomy has been conceded selective circulation rights to Helical Apply autonomy restrictive automated stage innovation in The Netherlands, and non-elite appropriation inside the European Union. The innovation will be utilized by RISQ perform benefit and additionally offer progressive items for development, operations, and upkeep.

“We are satisfied to include RISQ Apply autonomy group of specialists to our circulation arrange,” said Bruce Schlee, Chief of Helical Apply autonomy. “RISQ won’t just be advertising and offering our items in The Netherlands and past, they will offer administration. This significantly extends and improves the effort of Helical Robots and in addition giving us an accomplice that can offer ongoing criticism about the market.”

The innovation and stages Helical Apply autonomy creates takes into consideration incorporating modern hardware into versatile attractive mechanical frameworks. The capacity to flawlessly move from a bended to level surface or starting with one breadth of pipe then onto the next significantly changes framework development in ship building, mining, oil and gas, control era and different ventures.” Helical will proceed to create and showcase its automated frameworks in assembling, examination, and military among different markets.

“Working with Helical Mechanical autonomy gives RISQ a one of a kind upper hand in the NDT advertise” as per Bram Boeren, President of RISQ Apply autonomy. “Helical is the primary modern robot to be used by RISQ for video and covering thickness examinations. We will work with Helical to create and disperse extra mechanical arrangements in light of client need, and in addition keep on negotiating with others to build RISQ’s offerings.

RISQ Apply autonomy will be the selective wholesaler of Helical Mechanical technology frameworks in The Netherlands for non-authorized items. Helical Apply autonomy and RISQ Mechanical autonomy will cooperate to streamline item improvement and framework execution. Terms of the understanding were not unveiled.

ABOUT HELICAL Apply autonomy

Helical Apply autonomy outlines, creates, and fabricates world driving portable attractive mechanical stages bringing processing plant floor sort efficiencies into the world on the loose. The automated stages are fit for sending modern, review, observing, and military gear straightforwardly to a work area. Helical Apply autonomy stages are additionally perfect for getting to perilous, troublesome, or costly to achieve zones, for example, wind turbines, water towers, dispatch frames, stockpiling tanks, connects, and limited spaces.

For more data about Helical Mechanical autonomy, visit the site at: http://www.helicalrobotics.com.

ABOUT RISQ Mechanical autonomy

RISQ conveys free investigation and consultancy administrations. Our cutting edge gear and affirmed assessors recognize issues in establishments quickly and securely. With our innovative hardware and guaranteed investigators, we can quickly and securely distinguish issues in establishments. Our robots are furnished with cutting edge hardware, our cameras can quickly check huge zones and restrict issues quick and continuously. On account of this innovation, assessments can be led without upsetting the procedure and therefore without loss of creation and is exceptionally alright for the representatives.

RISQ Mechanical technology has been TUV Netherland confirmed:

NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008

SCC* (2008/5.1)

RISQ Mechanical technology, visit the site at: http://www.RISQrobotics.com

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