Habibo Haji Releases Her New Book, “Conquering the Odds: Turn Your Valley Into a Mountain Top”

Habibo Haji is a previous shepherd young lady and traveler in Somalia, turned enlisted attendant and entrepreneur. She is a persuasive speaker and mentor.

As indicated by Habibo, “A considerable measure of times we convey our past disappointments and frustrations into our present and future. I was tuning in to Tony Roberts once and he said it isn’t so much that individuals need assets, they are not ingenious. All that we longing is inside us. On the off chance that you have a dream, don’t consider how will arrive, choose and let it all out!”

In her book, “Vanquishing the Chances: Transform Your Valley Into a Peak” she shared her trip which began she was four year old shepherd young lady crowding more than 150 goats and sheep. When she was seven she graduated to being a wanderer and confronted many battles, for example, intestinal sickness, starvation, dejection, sexual and physical mishandle. She lived in the biggest displaced person camp Dadaab Kenya. Developing in a primitive and itinerant life Habibo never had the chance to go to class. She put herself through school interestingly at age of 22.

Habibo moved on from Augsburg School with an Unhitched male in nursing and is currently an Enlisted Nurture at the Mayo Center in Rochester, MN.

In a current meeting on “Flourishing Business visionary Radio Show”, the host, Steve Kidd stated, “This is an astounding book, and it is a book that you Need to peruse! It will provoke you I promise you, however in the event that you grasp it, there is a peak that you can accomplish to, simply by taking the things that are, and transforming them into what they can be.”

“Vanquishing the Chances: Transform Your Valley Into a Peak” is accessible on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XBSMT6T/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_1zgUyb77C5WE5

Habibo is a Rousing speaker and graduate attendant working at the main restorative office in America. She is the originator and leader of Vanquishing The Chances LLC, an administration, drilling and preparing organization which coaches on strength, and deliberate living. Habibo is enthusiastic and focused on giving authority, mentorship, direction and plan to youth. Her times of being a shepherd young lady in Somalia showed her the significance of enabling youth to fabricate certainty, compelling correspondence and self – train. In particular, it showed her that there is no deterrent too enormous, no issue that can’t be comprehended

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