Gynecomastia Unveiled by Bravo TV’s “Newlyweds” Star Brandon Liberati

Intrepidly tending to a condition that influenced him candidly and physically all through the lion’s share of his life, superstar beautician, magnificence master and unscripted television star Brandon Liberati confronted his dread head on with Gynecomastia. Dr. Joseph T. Voyage, an incredibly famous master in Gynecomastia treatment, was painstakingly chosen by Liberati after constant research on the most perceiving specialists who work in this profoundly normal yet once in a while discussed condition. Influencing an amazing measure of the male populace, frequently starting in pre-adulthood, Gynecomastia is extended male bosom tissue that outcomes in distortion of the male trunk. This physical condition yields enthusiastic impacts that are significantly more unsafe than the genuine condition itself, bringing about tasteful frailties and certainty challenges that effect individual connections, practices, and everyday life. Energetic about helping men of any age accomplish lasting alleviation from this condition, Dr. Joseph T. Voyage is pleased to work towards improving attention to the condition while offering the most creative treatment accessible to determine the condition for patients of any age through his practice in Newport Shoreline, California. Take in more about Journey Plastic Surgery by going to:, or Look as Brandon Liberati and Craig Ramsay impart more about their experience to Voyage Plastic Surgery in this extraordinary FitandPhab YouTube video:

“As a big name beautician and excellence master, I spend my everyday in an industry that is exceptionally centered around style both behind and before the camera. My long lasting trip with Gynecomastia tormented me consistently, wasn’t until I felt bumps in my trunk that I was at long last persuaded to make a move. I was embarrassed to try and make the telephone call to Dr. Voyage and Journey Plastic Surgery, so I requested that my significant other Craig do it for me. Gratefully, Craig decided and set-up my interview. After landing at the Newport Shoreline office, Craig and I were welcomed by the most cherishing and exquisite staff I have ever met. At that point, meeting Dr. Journey who was minding and sensible in his approach really did what needs to be done for me. At the time, I was sincerely busy shooting for Bravo television’s “Love birds” so the weight was considerably more extraordinary. The disgrace that you feel when you have Gynecomastia is overpowering now and again and frequented me up until the last minute. However, I likewise dreaded the result of the strategy as far as scarring. Be that as it may, Dr. Voyage and his group guaranteed me that with appropriate after care and with Dr. Journey’s broad skill in Gynecomastia surgery, scarring would not be a concern…and I am excited to state it has not been! I had a more serious instance of Gynecomastia than the normal man and had to go under general anesthesia versus nearby anesthesia, which can be utilized as a part of many cases. I likewise had liposuction and fat exchange to my face while experiencing the Gynecomastia surgery and those outcomes have far surpassed my desires too. I feel astonishing and free. I am agreeable now wearing any shading in any texture, and I don’t stay away from shirtless circumstances like the shoreline, a pool, or the locker room. Also I no longer cover up in photographs! Much obliged to you to Dr. Journey and his staff for changing my life and my fearlessness. I really feel like I am allowed to at last act naturally.” – Brandon Liberati, Voyage Plastic Surgery Tolerant

“Gynecomastia mixes up a considerable measure of past passionate scars for Brandon. At the point when speaking about it all through our relationship, it additionally started to construct scars on our relationship as a couple. Being a wellness proficient I was at that point mindful of the condition, yet additional data accessible on Dr. Journey’s site helped me plan ideas that made the discussion about supporting Brandon with this surgery less demanding for the two of us. In the past I thought remarks like “it’s not observable” were helping him…but they weren’t. I expected to help Brandon understand the realities about Gynecomastia. As soon we began the discussion Brandon began opening up about his instabilities, tormenting, disappointment with garments and his endeavors to shroud the condition, and additionally how his stance and certainty were influenced. Taking after this heart to heart discussion, I joined Brandon for his counsel with Dr. Journey, and quickly I saw a change…he was on a mission! I saw trust and bliss in his eyes. I was alleviated that his surgery was booked so rapidly and the wheels were at long last in movement. There wasn’t one faltering with advancing with this surgery for Brandon. As his parental figure post surgery, the guidelines for care were insignificant and the physical outcomes were prompt!

I feel that Brandon’s euphoria over having the trunk he has constantly needed bested any inconvenience amid recuperation. The way that he had accomplished this brought him fantastic certainty.

As his life partner, I can share that before having his Gynecomastia surgery there were times where his disappointment would be taken out on me and even closeness in our relationship was influenced adversely. Since Brandon is recouped these issues thus a great deal more are far overlooked, it’s as though they never at any point existed and I surmise that is on the grounds that Brandon’s psyche was likewise comforted as his treatment gave lasting outcomes.

We no longer need to spend a day looking for apparel that conceals his trunk (FYI-I detest shopping so I’m particularly thankful about this), we can go to pool gatherings and take photographs together where my hand or body doesn’t need to cover his trunk district and there is no longer a scan for the ideal edge to shroud his trunk. There are such a large number of advantages and my goal as the mate of somebody who has had this surgery with Dr. Voyage is to prescribe participating in discussion with your mate promptly if this condition has been keeping him down. This will prompt to activity and it’s one of the best types of couple’s treatment we have encountered! Much thanks to you Dr. Voyage!” – Craig Ramsay

About Dr. Joseph T. Voyage:

A worldwide pioneer in plastic surgery and stylish upgrade, Dr. Voyage has set up a honor winning notoriety for recognized work, finish with quality patient care. A craftsman on the most fundamental level, Dr. Voyage and his sharp tender loving care are effectively searched out by observing men and ladies over the globe who seek remarkable outcomes without trade off.

As a board-affirmed plastic specialist with cutting edge specialized preparing, Dr. Journey has some expertise in gynecomastia surgery and is perceived as a main industry master. Performing more than 250 gynecomastias for each year, his inventive procedures and extensive way to deal with treating this very normal condition have opened the entryway for a worldwide point of view move on the most proficient method to perceive and successfully treat patients who bear the physical and also mental impacts.

Perceiving an irrefutable, rapidly developing requirement for treatment that created perpetual outcomes, Dr. Voyage devoted a segment of his progressed surgical practice towards this condition. Influencing an amazing segment of the male populace including kids, young people, and grown-ups alike, the developing scope of triggers that make this create in men is inconceivable. Dr. Voyage’s far reaching comprehension of the impacts gynecomastia has on the body and general prosperity of the patient, permits him to make an agreeable, secure process for the patient’s treatment.

While customary plastic surgery arrangements don’t give unsurprising or significant help, Dr. Voyage has made a very viable surgical convention for all time tending to gynecomastia. Dissimilar to the dreary treatments from the past that left patients feeling unsure about their trunk, going from deficient evacuation and divoting to puffy areola and complex mending concerns, the creative treatment accessible at Journey Plastic Surgery is demonstrated.

Dr. Voyage built up a restrictive gynecomastia arrangement framework which diagrams the different sorts of the condition alongside going with passionate and physiological impacts, while itemizing ideal treatment gets ready for each. This transformative framework has permitted him to continuously adjust his methods and accomplish brief outcomes for every patient. Joining independently customized surgery convention with comfort and availability was basic in bringing this treatment on the bleeding edge for patients. Expertly prepared staff in addition to centered, pre and post system conventions have took into consideration the adaptability required for some patients and their way of life requests. While conventional techniques require general anesthesia, blood work, and critical downtime, Voyage Plastic Surgery plays out most by far of gynecomastia strategies under neighborhood anesthesia with oral sedation – no I.V.’s, no blood work, no broad anesthesia required.

Dr. Journey experienced childhood in the Midwest city of St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Graduating with distinction and as Valedictorian from Lakeview Secondary School, his objective was to end up distinctly a Plastic Specialist. Later, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Wayne State College in Michigan and afterward proceeded onward to graduate in the high society of his medicinal school additionally at Wayne State College. He then started his broad preparing All in all Surgery, Hand Surgery, Microvascular Surgery, and additionally Plastic Surgery. Corrective surgery is Dr. Journey’s essential concentration, however he likewise has committed significant time as a blaze pro at the Grossman Smolder Center at Western Restorative Healing center remaking distorted blaze casualties. Reestablishing human frame to faces crushed by smolders has given him encounter that couldn’t be acquired somewhere else and also a gratefulness for every one of the nuances that make a human face and body what they are.

About Voyage Plastic Surgery:

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