GoT Season 7: Which Character Will Die in the First Episode?

No, it’s not very ahead of schedule to get amped up for the arrival of Round of Honored positions. With the HBO hit’s seventh season not too far off the time has come to begin pondering Scene 1.

Anticipating what will occur in season seven might be a test. MyBookie has broke down each of the six seasons and five books to ascertain the chances of which major GoT character will bite the dust in the main scene of the up and coming season.

GoT Season 7 – Who Kicks the bucket First?

– Cercei Lannister: +2000

– Little Finger: +750

– Theon Greyjoy: +350

– Grey Worm: +850

– Melisandre: +250

– Brienne of Tarth: +850

– Varys: +950

– Bronn: +300

– Jamie Lannister: +1800

– Drogon: +3500

– Gilly: +375

– Davos Seaworth: +800

– Missandei: +1500

– Tyrion Lannister: +1800

– Samwell Tarly: +650

– Bran Stark: +1200

– Sansa Stark: +1500

– Aria Stark: +900

– Daenerys Targaryen: +2500

– John Snow: +3500

They Can’t Be Slaughtered Off Right?

Unit Harington (Jon Snow), Subside Dinklage (Tyrion), Lena Headey (Cersei), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime) all agreed to accept a seventh season back in late 2014. A similar five performing artists were additionally optioned for an eighth keep running of scenes in June 2016 – for a revealed $1.1million for every scene! Be that as it may, will they all survive who will survive scene one of season 7?

Contract, shhm-contract. There’s still no assurance that their characters will really survive that long – and Sophie Turner has indicated that “not all” of the present cast will make it to the last sprint.

For instance, Natalie Dormer had additionally agreed to accept season seven. In any case, that didn’t stop her character Ruler Margaery from going up in Rapidly spreading fire blazes because of Cersei toward the finish of season six.

There’s even some discussion that the long-dead, fan most loved Khal Drogo is making a triumphant return… gossip that sprang up after Jason Momoa was seen in Ireland with GoT’s show runners and later powered by a photographic proof of the performer close by Unit Harington.

With no official presentation date for season 7 fans should hold up and ponder about the Winds of Winter.

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