Fremont Micro Devices Announces Four SPI Interface Serial EEPROMS

Fremont Smaller scale Gadgets USA Inc. today reported the FT25C08A, FT25C16A, FT25C32A and FT25C64A Serial EEPROM incorporated circuits. The 8k-bit, 16k-piece, 32k-piece and 64k-piece gadgets are four individuals from the Group of Serial Fringe Interface (SPI) non unpredictable recollections. The SPI Family will incorporate memory densities from 2k-bit to 512k-piece exhibits. The new gadgets are determined to work – 40C to +85 degree C, and give the elements and execution to which FMD’s whole arrangement of serial EEPROM gadgets is known, including more than 1 million delete/compose cycles and 100-year information maintenance.

The new Serial EEPROM’s bolster applications requiring byte-level peruses and composes. The 20 MHz SPI interface EEPROM gadgets require no division eradicates preceding composes. This outcomes in quicker programming circumstances, bring down program voltages and disentangled framework operations. Also, low working and standby streams of _1uA empower the new serial EEPROMs to devour almost no power amid operation and standby. The gadgets have full voltage-extend operation from 1.8 to 5.5 V. The SPI Serial EEPROM gadgets are perfect for low-voltage and high-temperature applications like those found in numerous modern, medicinal and purchaser electronic outlines.

“Large portions of our clients have requested SPI interface EEPROM’s for use in implanted outlines requiring quick speeds in uproarious situations. These are applications where the I2C transport constraints in correspondence speed and segment operations are extreme,” said Jim Panfil, the VP of Offers and Showcasing at Fremont Small scale Gadgets USA. “The Serial EEPROM with SPI transport interface is mainstream on the grounds that the SPI transport configuration is strong and incorporates a basic equipment interface and a few compose ensure alternatives,” he included.

The FT25CXX Group of SPI interface EEPROMS adds to the developing arrangement of Fremont Smaller scale Gadgets I2C and 3-Wire interface non unpredictable memory arrangements. The parts are offered in SOIC-8, TSSOP-8 and Plunge 8 bundles. The rundown cost per unit for requests of 10ku is:

FT25C08A-USR-T, SOIC-8 Bundle $0.11

FT25C16A-USR-T, SOIC-8 Bundle $0.13

FT25C32A-USR-T, SOIC-8 Bundle $0.15

FT25C64A-USR-T, SOIC-8 Bundle $0.17

About Fremont Smaller scale Gadgets USA Inc.

Fremont Smaller scale Gadgets is a semiconductor provider and coordinated circuit configuration house. It has rapidly turned into a pioneer in non-unpredictable memory items and high proficiency control administration arrangements. FMD was established in Fremont, California in 2003 and its items are offered through a worldwide system of offers agents and wholesalers in Europe, North America and Asia. FMD as of late reported the total shipment of three and a half (3.5) Billion Serial EEPROM IC’s. The key individuals from the administration group have broad item advancement, outline, back and deals involvement with driving Silicon Valley semiconductor organizations.

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