Finally, a GOOD Choice This November

A year ago, under 3% of foundations had the capacity to acknowledge the 700,000 vehicles gave every year, giving minimal decision on which cause to bolster for generous shoppers. That changed today with The CauseNetwork Establishment’s presentation of MyRideMyCause.Org; another online stage that gives customers the capacity to look over almost 1 million 501(C)3 philanthropies enlisted with the IRS on the recipient of their vehicle gift, which incorporates water crafts, bikes, and RVs. Benefactors get a receipt for the greatest duty finding and the gift is made in their name to the philanthropy they pick. With November and December regularly representing half of the vehicles gave, the planning is ideal for foundations hoping to raise some additional money.

Furthermore, any philanthropy can now make their own custom vehicle gift page to elevate to their supporters by rounding out a straightforward shape on It takes under 30 seconds to tweak a page, with moment production of iframe code to add this vehicle gift page to the philanthropy’s landing page. The custom connections and code are free and the program is totally turnkey for foundations. Philanthropies just advance their vehicle gift page to their supporters and The CauseNetwork Establishment takes it from that point, planning vehicle pickup through resale and give the returns, less the expenses connected with working the program, back to the philanthropy.

The wheels are as of now coming in: the primary auto gift has been submitted. This gift went to bolster Greenish blue It’s Gone, a philanthropy whose mission is halting disease before it begins through hereditary testing, while giving free tests to under-served groups. Katie Maxwell, organizer of Greenish blue It’s Gone says, “Having the capacity to acknowledge auto gifts adds a radical new measurement to our raising support. Having awesome devices in a stage worked for our cause at no cost from CauseNetwork is a gigantic advantage to a little association like us attempting to have any kind of effect in individuals’ lives.”

“This is a distinct advantage for non-benefits and buyers across the nation,” says Mike Rowen, Executive of the Leading group of The CauseNetwork Establishment. “MyRideMyCause lets any size philanthropy, from nearby PTA’s to substantial national philanthropies, effortlessly acknowledge vehicle gifts, while giving shoppers the opportunity of decision on the best way to profit their most loved philanthropy. This choice basically didn’t exist until today.”

About The CauseNetwork Establishment: The CauseNetwork Establishment is a 501(C)3 non-benefit association enlisted with the IRS and the condition of Virginia. The Establishment was shaped to encourage non-money gifts from customers and organizations to Causes inside the CauseNetwork. The Establishment arranges all coordinations, following, and settlement forms for vehicle, gadgets, and shopping gift programs. These projects are constantly allowed to any not-revenue driven association. The CauseNetwork at present serves causes running in size from neighborhood PTA’s to expansive national associations. To join your cause, go to

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