Fear Not: The Church and the Syrian Refugees in Greece

The circumstance in Greece has energized a worldwide discussion debating help, national contribution, even humankind. The situation of the general population crossing fringes and seas, arriving on the shorelines in Greece has evoked a range of societal feeling spreading over from empathy to loathe. Deception in famous media outlets and the boisterous musings talked by a powerful few have molded a culture of dread around this evacuee emergency.

Volunteers from Enterprises in Missions have been on the shorelines and serving in camps since late 2015. Fleeting outings have been ceaselessly pivoting through Lesvos. Their contribution has roused an alternate message. These volunteers are talking up to challenge the disarray and the lack of concern of Christians and the Congregation’.

The Congregation is no more peculiar to fear. We are all powerless to its grasp. The Congregation needs to see this issue not through focal points of division or philosophical division. It’s about a need and a call to love and serve. This is a crucial minute for the Congregation to act and an open door for Christians around the globe to venture up to the test of confronting trepidation with confidence.

“Living for the Ruler isn’t sheltered. Carrying on with an existence of adoration isn’t protected… be that as it may, it’s privilege”

Enterprises in Missions is an interdenominational missions association that spotlights on discipleship. We underline supplication and connections in our work among poor people. Since we were built up in 1989, we have assumed control 100,000 individuals into the mission field, some for as short as a week and others for whatever length of time that a year or more. In a few places far and wide we serve year-round to “the slightest of these”. We try to supporter as Jesus did; our vision is that God would utilize us to raise up an era of profoundly dedicated devotees of Jesus Christ.

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