Expedition Arctic Ocean Raptor


The Universal Undertaking Cold Sea RAPTOR under the initiative of the Worldwide Seaward Cruising Group and the charge of Jochen Werne will leave on July 24, 2016 from Longyearbyen, Svalbard to cruise up to a standout amongst the most Northern somewhat without ice spots of this planet recollecting all mariners who courageously investigated and battled in this delicate and hazardous environment. The point of the endeavor is to give a stage of intercultural and interdisciplinary trade for Ice aficionados, for example, students of history, researchers, mariners, NGO’sl or affiliations.

The objective will be come to by focussing on the accompanying themes:

1. Memorable Research: Amid the main leg of its undertaking “Ice Sea Raptor” (AOR), the Worldwide Seaward Cruising Group will cruise in the custom of various past and well prestige Cold pioneers and scientists.

2. Natural Mindfulness & Seaward Cruising: Cruising to 81 Degrees North – a standout amongst the most northern reachable, halfway without ice focuses on Planet Earth. Open mindfulness about the genuine emergency of pack ice in Cold summers will be raised by cruising with a fiberglass cruising yacht to a point only 540 nautical miles or 1.000km far from the North Post.

3. Recognition: 75th Commemoration: Remembrance of all sailors of all countries who battled in the second World War Ice Fight amid the season of the Ice Guards

Points of interest

by Naval commander the Master Boyce-Benefactor of Undertaking Ice Sea Raptor

The Cold Sea is not just a standout amongst the most breathtaking regular natural surroundings on this planet, additionally a standout amongst the most difficult oceans to cruise on. Over hundreds of years overcome men and ladies from a wide range of countries have crossed this sea: voyagers, anglers, analysts, Naval force and Vendor sailors and mariners. Possibly every one of their voyages had an alternate target, however they generally had one specific thing in like manner – it was a voyage to the extraordinary: solidifying chilly temperatures consolidated with high tempest likelihood, solid recurrence of haze and the perpetual threat of ice experiences.

Amid the second World War men and ladies were sent to this ocean region to battle a clash of horrendous force in the years in the vicinity of 1941 and 1945, the years of the ‘Cold Caravans’. In all out 78 escorts, amassed on the East shore of North America, Iceland and at Loch Ewe in Scotland, cruised to Arkhangelsk and Murmansk and back. They included somewhere in the range of 1400 associated shipper ships – escorted by the Regal Naval force, Illustrious Canadian Naval force and US Naval force – conveying supplies to the Soviet Union under the Loan Rent program. German surface, submarine and flying corps endeavored to disturb these guard operations to keep the unharmed landing of their basic cargoes to the ports and, therefore, to the challenged cutting edge. It was a ruthless ocean fight where a large number of Unified and German sailors and aviators lost their lives.

Without question, any individual who is set up to give his life in the administration of his nation and for the assurance of others ought to be recalled. Endeavor Cold Sea Raptor’s goal is that the memory of these overcome ladies and men never blurs or is permitted to be discolored in any capacity. Possibly it is one of the principal times where such an activity outperforms any national considering. It begins at the heart of what every one of these men and ladies we recall have been – mariners. Comradeship on ocean goes a long ways past any outskirt. It is about regard, respect and obligation; about lowliness and humankind.

Precisely remembering this, the universal group of Campaign Ice Sea Raptor, made out of English, German, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish and US mariners, will explore in a 47ft cruising yacht to those same Ice waters. This endeavor will be upheld by relationship around the world and companions likewise from Belgium, France, Norway and Russia. The all-encompassing objective of this ocean and shore based Undertaking is to add to keeping alive the recollections of every one of those overcome souls who worked in the Ice Sea on both sides, and particularly the individuals who paid a definitive give up, amid that season of contention in the second World War.

Subside Nixon, Administrator of the Channel Dash Affiliation, who built up the contact with the Worldwide Seaward Cruising Group, once outlined it impeccably with the words: ” … working so difficult to draw history retreat into the open and perceiving the numerous extraordinary demonstrations of boldness performed for our benefit by men and ladies of all sides amid a time of contention. … It is not about champs or failures. … The world is a brilliant place to live in light of the fact that it is comprised of various, yet lovely countries…. We ought to be glad for this reality. Similarly, we ought not be embarrassed about our past, nor should we celebrate it, for it was our past which made what we are today.”

This is the thing that Campaign Cold Sea Raptor is about.

If you don’t mind feel welcomed turning out to be a piece of this activity by keeping in touch with the group or posting on the site, interfacing with the accomplices and affiliations which are a piece of this novel wander.

The Endeavor will be upheld by the accompanying affiliations and organizations:

– The German Culture for Oceanic & Maritime History (DGSM)

– The Global Sea Historical center Hamburg (IMMHH)

– The Assciation for the Examination & Scattering of Cuban Maritime History (AIDHNC)

– The Russian Ice Escort Historical center Venture (RACMP)

– The Regal Cinque Ports Yacht Club (RCPYC)

– Helly Hansen

– Moser Company

– Boreal Yachting

– Wilderness Adriatic

The Worldwide Seaward Cruising Group, a universal gathering of devoted mariners contained individuals from everywhere throughout the world including the Unified States, Awesome England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, France and Greece.

The Worldwide Seaward Cruising Group which explores on seas worldwide and in which many colleagues have maritime foundations, has made it a need to keep maritime conventions alive and to utilize campaigns as memorable research stages. Late campaigns incorporate “Ice Sea Predator” where the group cruised from Tromso into the Ice Sea and to Svalbard to investigate and encounter the conditions under which little climate units worked amid their obligation on these disconnected ice islands in World War II. The same with Campaign “Cerberus”, where, in conjunction with the English Channel Dash Affiliation, the German Relationship for Marine and Maritime History and bolstered by the Illustrious Naval force and the German Naval force, we took after the course of 1942’s Operation Cerberus from Brest to Kiel.

This worldwide group trusts it is vital to visit the spots where history happened, to comprehend history better, as well as to recall the occasions that affected the world we live in today.

The objective of GOST’s undertakings is dependably to attempt to get a feeling of the foundation and the battles of the occasions occurred adrift. By doing this we want to recollect all the overcome sailors who served their nations on all sides amid time of contention on the planet.

The Group has as of now been worldwide granted for its tranquility supporting global activities.

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